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April 13, 2005

Funniest Reality TV Quote Of The Year...

"Only in a America can a black man have a Rolex, drive a Audi, and y'all be workin' at Burger King."

--Burger King drive through patron, upon seeing Paris and Nicole working the window.

Runners up:


--Simon Cowell to Anthony Federov.

"Are you not a homosexual?"

"Sir, I am not a homosexual."

--Boardroom exchange between Trump and hotheaded Chris.

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Since you're on to one-liners, I awoke wide-eyed at 0400 today and watched "Tea House of the August Moon" on TCM. Fabulous farce full of delight; Glenn Ford, Brando, Eddie Albert, and an all-star cast.

The closing line delivered by Brando, “Little story now concluded. But history of world unfinished. Lovely ladies, kind gentlemen, go home to ponder. What was true at beginning remains true. Pain make man think, thought make man wise, and wisdom make life endurable. So, may August moon bring gentle sleep. Sayonara.”

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Posted by: Ron on Apr. 14, 2005

I just did a post on the worst show ever at The Pursuit of Happiness....Mr. Romance. Quote from last week:

Contestant 1: Time for Etiquette class.

Contestant 2: Yup, time for Etiquette class.

The both pronounced it phonetically: Etiqwet

What can one expect from Fabio wannabees

Posted by: Pursuit on Apr. 14, 2005

The girlfriend and I just had to watch Tyra yelling at the one model yesterday....

Posted by: Scof on Apr. 14, 2005

You could use almost every other thing out of Trump's mouth this season. My favorite though so far is from the Domino's Pizza episode and the follow up. He suggests a meatball pizza, then repeats that it's a good idea when he hears the teams are using it, then says how Domino's is actually planning to use it.

Then, Whoops!, Domino's isn't using it, they're doing Cheeseburger instead, so in the next episode, he berates the team for not doing market research, saying: "If you'd actually done some market research, you'd have found out that people don't want meatball pizza. They want cheeseburger pizza." And of course, he's appearing in a commercial where he appears to come up with the idea for the cheeseburger pizza.

Posted by: Christiana Ellis on Apr. 14, 2005

I was tired of the cocksucker that is the donald BEFORE he cheated everyone out of hundreds of millions in New Jersey. He is what Mike Milken called a "monster", i.e. he is too big to say no to, and he has no scruples. So, if you get in a business deal with him, you're fucked.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 14, 2005

Is it just me or does that Trump quote remind you of the scene in A Clockwork Orange (the film, not the novel) when the Nazi-looking fellow asks Alex whether he "is or has ever been a homosexual?"

Posted by: Erik on Apr. 17, 2005

it reminds me of that scene in stripes, too. Where the recuiter asks bill murray and harold ramis the same question and bill says: "you mean like flaming?" then ramis says "no we aren't, but we ARE willing to learn."

Posted by: annie on Apr. 18, 2005