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March 22, 2005

Useless NCAA Predictions

Not that i have any credibility left after the devastation my bracket suffered this last weekend. But i will offer you some predictions for the rest of the tournament.

Two Pac-10 teams are in the Sweet Sixteen. Arizona and Washington. Kiss 'em goodbye. No way Washington is going to beat Louisville, who polled at number four pre-tournament. And it's never a good idea to bet on Arizona. They almost always disappoint. The Wildcats may make it past OK State, but they won't beat Illinois, who are the closest thing to an NBA team in the tournament this year.

Arch rivals North Carolina and Duke have played each other 219 times, but never in the NCAA Tournament. Isn't that an incredible stat? i want to see it happen this year, and therefore i am predicting it to happen.

And Bobby Knight must not win. Must... not... win.

Okay so this post is more about wishful thinking than actual predictions based on evidence. Or actual basketball knowledge.

Plus i like Duke's uniform, so they will win the championship.

Posted by annika, Mar. 22, 2005 |
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Picking based on uniforms, such a woman thing to do.

Posted by: Wayne on Mar. 22, 2005

An expert on Robots and basketball. Is there anything you can't do, dream girl?

Posted by: Jake on Mar. 22, 2005

What? Not a Bobby Knight fan? I've loved him for years. Here's my haiku for him

Rage now, Red Raider
Prolong winter's game to spring
Glory overcomes bile.

Posted by: Hugo on Mar. 22, 2005

Wayne: you should see how i pick the horsies.
Jake: no
Hugo: that's a nice one, despite its 5-7-6-ness.

Posted by: annie on Mar. 22, 2005

Oh? Can you write your name in the snow?

I'm not talkin' about with your finger or a stick, now. You know what I mean.

Posted by: Victor on Mar. 23, 2005

You're rooting for Duke? I KNEW that there was a reason I liked your site :->

Posted by: physics geek on Mar. 23, 2005

I was writing in a hurry, Annie. I tried to pretend "overcomes" was two syllables. Can I make a late substitution of "conquers" for "overcomes"?

Posted by: Hugo on Mar. 23, 2005

how about o'ercomes?

it's more Shakespearean.

Posted by: annie on Mar. 23, 2005

Oooh, Annika, that's good. I may even put it up on my site, with joint credit.

Posted by: Hugo on Mar. 23, 2005