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March 07, 2005

Jeff Jarvis Mentions My Elton John Idea On MSNBC

This is big.

i thought he was joking when James Ozark, who runs A Western Heart, alerted me to the fact that Jeff Jarvis had mentioned my Elton John for U.N. Secretary General idea on tv today.

But it's true! Here's the Quicktime video to prove it.

i'm so jazzed, i'm gonna have that .mpg file bronzed and hang it on the fucking wall!

i told you my idea would catch on like wildfire. Dinitellyou? i sure did! And you know why? Because it's a great idea, that's why. Singers and international politics go together like liver and onions.

Check it out. Now they want Bono for president of the World Bank, and Bush just named Michael Bolton as Ambassador to the U.N.

Ha ha, and i started the whole ball rolling! Me, me, me, me, me!

Tip of the hat to Jackson's Junction.

Posted by annika, Mar. 7, 2005 |
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Heh, it's a small universe. Get over it.

Did I ever tell you about the time when that fucker Einstein stole my relativity idea?

Posted by: Casca on Mar. 7, 2005

good for u... went to wathc cute... heee... sweet!! yah!

Posted by: maizzy on Mar. 8, 2005

A fork in the road of life for you. What did you want to be?

Queen of the UN or Queen of the Robots?

Posted by: jake on Mar. 8, 2005

Hmm...he credited some unknown, lesser blogger with your idea.

Posted by: Victor and his seventeen pet rats on Mar. 9, 2005

No no, Victor. He mentioned A Western Heart, which is a great new international blog at which i sometimes contribute. They get like 26,000 hits a week.

Posted by: annika on Mar. 9, 2005

Oh. I always thought any other blog, including the biggies, was an unknown, lesser blog, when compared with annika's journal, especially on your blogiversary.

Posted by: Victor and his seventeen pet rats on Mar. 9, 2005