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March 07, 2005

Huh? Moments From This Morning's Interview With The Chimp Lady

LaDonna Davis: "...and then he chomped off my thumb..."

Charlie Gibson: "...you knew right away he was attacking..."

Me: "...Duuuh..."

LaDonna Davis: "...we tried to reason with them..."

Me: "...Duuuh..."

LaDonna Davis: "...I don't know where his thoughts were coming from..."

Me: "...Duuuh..."

LaDonna Davis: "...Everybody's an individual, you have to look for the good. Every being, every animal's an individual..."

Me: "...it's a fucking chimp, dude..."

Posted by annika, Mar. 7, 2005 |
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Reason?? With a Chimp??? Sorry lady, I don't think so. Reasoning doesn't work even with the chimps who "speak" using ASL.

Posted by: caltechgirl on Mar. 7, 2005

I am so right there withya! They adopted a chimp???

Posted by: Dawn Summers on Mar. 7, 2005

Mr. Davis should've spent less time watching Disney movies, and more time reading Capstick, Ruark and Hemingway. Even cute and cuddly wild animals are not cute and cuddly. All of this humanization of animals crap is just that: Crap. And Mrs. Davis still hasn't figured it out. In another interview she said "Every animal, every being has good. That's what you have to bring out of them." Wrong. They're animals, not people. There is no good or evil in them: Just dangerous or non-dangerous.

Posted by: Matt on Mar. 7, 2005

Right, Matt. They love to treat animals like humans, but imagine if a human had maimed the Davis' in the same way. i bet they wouldn't speak so kindly about their attackers then.

Posted by: annika on Mar. 7, 2005

Eh, it's just natural selection at work. Live and learn, or die stupid.

Posted by: Casca on Mar. 7, 2005

I used to be an ole sentimental softie, thought folks should have chimps and other wild animals as pets. But this certainly has changed my mind. Oy.

Posted by: Ron (Naughtypundit) on Mar. 7, 2005

The Best Line(s) Ever on this subject, by Ace: "Eminent primate researcher Dr. David Atlee was asked why 'reason' proved futile in calming the chimps. 'I would have to view the video to watch for hostility displays and behavioral clues, but at the present moment, my working theory is that attempts to reason with them failed because they're fucking monkeys.'"

Posted by: Matt on Mar. 8, 2005