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March 03, 2005

Welcome To The Jungle, Randy!

Okay Randy Moss is a punk, but he's a silver and black punk now, so that makes him okay in my book. And he's an awesome receiver, the real deal. Hopefully Davis won't decide to bench him like he did with some other stars i can name: Allen, Brown, Rice.


There are always guys who have that certain something that makes you know they will end up as Raiders someday. Kevin Greene had the hair. Sapp and Romo had the 'tude. Rice had the Bay Area love. And Moss has the bad-ass. When he faked dropping trou at Green Bay last year i said to myself, that guy belongs in Oakland.

Welcome Randy. The black hole is gonna love you!

Posted by annika, Mar. 3, 2005 |
Rubric: Sports


And Alzado had the steroids. ;)

Say what you will about them, the Raiders are the only team today that even tries to have a distinctive personality. If someone decided one morning to send the Baltimore Ravens back to Cleveland and send the "new" Cleveland Browns to Baltimore in exchange, I doubt that anyone would be able to tell the difference.

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Mar. 3, 2005

Now all they need is Maurice Claret to round things out.

Posted by: Casca on Mar. 3, 2005


did you catch his 40 times at the combine.
first pass was a blistering 4.86.
he followed that with a 4.72.
not bad for a d-tackle.
the 6'-6" stork of a q-back from arkansas posted a 4.4.

Posted by: louielouie on Mar. 3, 2005

He's a lazy stupid cocksucker, or perhaps you hadn't noticed. Better than his pathetic performance was his excuse. You see, he had overtrained, and was too muscular. Can you tell that Jim Brown is his mentor?

I predict that Mo rees goes undrafted, and doesn't make it as a free agent through ANYBODY'S camp. He'll be bagging groceries at Ruly's by September. Stupid fuck.

Posted by: Casca on Mar. 3, 2005

Why the fuck is Moss wearing #18??

This Vikings fan is afraid that we got rid of him just as he was about to mature.

Posted by: Todd on Mar. 4, 2005