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March 02, 2005

Bubba Is Dead

Bubba, the giant lobster, is dead.

Update: At 24 lbs., they could feed 32 mourners using this recipe. They should try it at Bubba's after-funeral pot luck.

Posted by annika, Mar. 2, 2005 |
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goodness, poor bubba-lobby... i think it was in our news yesterday night... wasnt paying to much attention as i was at a friends and they had the tv on... yes, we have dont have alot of crime here in good old mtl... heee... have a good one...

Posted by: maizzy on Mar. 3, 2005


Posted by: Pursuit on Mar. 3, 2005

He was a big 'ol boy, but I saw one approximately a foot larger in Thailand in 1986. They say that one weighed 40 pounds. I love lobster, but more experienced people have told me really gigantic bugs like these don't taste all that good.

Posted by: JD on Mar. 3, 2005

did you hear what peta (People for Eating Tasty Animals) wanted to do with him?

Posted by: cube on Mar. 7, 2005