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February 28, 2005

Useless Bachelorette Blogging

So now that Jen gave up on this latest guy, can ABC please give up on The Bachelorette? i don't ever want to see that chipper asss on the tube ever again. Dude. Like how long can you stretch out 15 minutes?

i hardly ever watched this show, but i noticed tonight that Jen really has no sense of humor. i mean, can't they get a chick with some personality? Jerry is so much better off, he's not only a babe, but his great sense of humor would have been wasted on her.

Posted by annika, Feb. 28, 2005 |
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How could you break my heart?! I need you! I NEED YOU!!

WAAAHHHH!! *sniff*

*clicks on fash-ism photo album*

*fap fap fap*

I miss you....

*gets a towel*

Posted by: Annika's ex #7-69-86 on Feb. 28, 2005

Me likey Easter Collection!

Traitor!! 24 was on!!! AND it was GREAT!!!

Posted by: Casca on Feb. 28, 2005

"fap fap fap?"

that's sick dude.

Posted by: annika on Mar. 1, 2005


I think it would be much more effective if you'd just give Jerry a call and ask him out. You might also want to get a restraining order on #7 above!


Posted by: Pursuit on Mar. 1, 2005

I think the lunatic "ex-boyfriend" up top takes offense to being reduced to #7, Pursuit. It's #7-69-86 which is probably a barcode. I bet Annie put a branding iron with a barcode to that guy's ass while they were still together so that all the bitches in the 'hood would know whose property he belonged to before he could act like a playa.

Or, that could be a serial number for a particular battery-operated device. I know that's far-fetched, but then again....we just had Robot Week.

Posted by: Spanky on Mar. 1, 2005


horrible. but still hilarious

Posted by: Preston Taylor Holmes on Mar. 1, 2005