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February 28, 2005

The TV Commercial That Annoys The Shit Out Of Me...

...fortunately, i don't have a problem with irregularity, so i'm just pointlessly annoyed at that commercial with the chick getting dressed and her boyfriend or husband keeps playing that Eric Clapton song on his laptop, you know that song from Clapton's boring sucky phase (which in my opinion equals anything he did after Cream, and continues to this day), the part where he sings "she's wondering what clothes to wear . . . she's wondering what clothes to wear . . . she's wondering what clothes to wear . . . This evil commercial never fails to insert that awful song into my consciousness until i drift off to sleep, if i'm lucky.

Other commercials i hate include any in which chewing noises predominate, such as all the Carl's Jr. commercials and the new "Cheerios are good for babies too" spots, and also any commercial with kids singing.

Posted by annika, Feb. 28, 2005 |
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Oooooo, that's a fab commercial! It's the barb of truth that hooks the laugh. I am with you on the Carl's Jr. commercials. I have to turn the channel when they come on.

What do you think about the commercial with the pads that leak, or the discovery of "a brand new day" with a little valtrex?

Posted by: Casca on Feb. 28, 2005

I'm with Casca, I love the ad -- but I have loved the song for 25 years or so too.

Posted by: Hugo on Feb. 28, 2005

So you don't like "Layla"?

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Feb. 28, 2005

overplayed piece of sentimental tripe. Allman brothers rip-off. And it's about ten minutes too long.

Posted by: annika on Mar. 1, 2005

I agree, that ad is way lame, and that song is a junior high dance song. I don't agree with your take on Layla though, the piano part always reminds me of Goodfellas. As for Carls Jr., comon, what about the girl riding the mechanical bull? That's hot.

Posted by: Greg on Mar. 1, 2005

The 'I'm Lovin' It' BS from McCrackhead's sucks, too.

Posted by: JD on Mar. 1, 2005

Oh the McDonwald's radio ads for the McGriddle are the woooorst! Have you heard that fake rapper? Griddocakesss!

Posted by: annie on Mar. 1, 2005

where can i find a clip of that commercial on the web?

Posted by: jatue on Mar. 18, 2005

Very clever commercial (and I don't even like Clapton!). Perhaps you're feeling a little too curmudgeon?

Posted by: maxyvits on Jun. 14, 2005

omg I just saw one of the Carl's Jr commercials. they are ALL so disgusting. whether it's some skank riding a bull, or a slutty celebrity washing a car, adding a sloppy, messy, juicy burger that aggrivate my nerves is so ANNOYING.
I have to turn the channel and yet they call that advertising?

Posted by: chloe on Nov. 3, 2005