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February 14, 2005

i'm A Playful Primate!

Now i know there's a flaw in The Ecosystem. But i quickly captured a screenprint of the phenomenon, before NZ Bear fixes whatever bug caused annika's journal to enter the top 100!

Posted by annika, Feb. 14, 2005 |
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Nah, not a glitch: you deserve it. Congrats!

Posted by: Dave J on Feb. 15, 2005

I keep tellin' ya! This modesty thing is starting to wear thin, girl. Face it: You're a hit. At least we little people can take pride in being able to say "I knew her back when. . ."

And by the way, you can't duck that Repub Babe of the Week thing much longer now that you're a big success and, effectively, out in the open.

Posted by: Matt on Feb. 15, 2005

... same thing happened to me a few weeks ago... crazy stuff... luckily, I have been smacked back into my usual place in the 500-600 range.. enjoy it girl!.. your blog belongs up there!

Posted by: Eric on Feb. 15, 2005

Congrats. Watch out for Oliver Willis, though. He's dropping like a stone. A really, really heavy stone. Just step out of the way and no one gets hurt.

Posted by: physics geek on Feb. 16, 2005

not a glitch in your case

Posted by: El Cid on Feb. 20, 2005