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January 24, 2005

Operation Elephant Takeover

Here's more evidence for my theory about violence and the left wing. From The Associated Press:

The sons of a first-term congresswoman and Milwaukee's former acting mayor were among five Democratic activists charged Monday with slashing the tires of vans rented by Republicans to drive voters and monitors to the polls on Election Day.

. . .

The activists — all employees of the John Kerry campaign — are accused of flattening the tires on 25 vehicles rented by the state Republican Party to get out the vote and deliver poll watchers Nov. 2.

. . .

A criminal complaint said the defendants originally planned to put up Democratic yard signs, placards and bumper stickers at the Republican office in a scheme they called 'Operation Elephant Takeover.' But the plan was dropped when they learned a security guard was posted at the GOP office, the complaint said.

One witness told investigators the five defendants, dressed in 'Mission Impossible' type gear, black outfits and knit caps, left the Democratic Party headquarters at about 3 a.m. on Nov. 2, and returned about 20 minutes later, extremely excited and talking about how they had slashed the tires.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Seth Boffeli said the five were paid employees of Kerry's campaign, but were not acting on behalf of the campaign or party.

. . .

Rick Wiley, state GOP executive director, discovered the vandalism on the morning of Election Day.

'It was unbelievable that people could stoop this low in a political campaign,' he said. 'I figured it had to be someone from the opposition. But I didn't think someone on the paid Kerry campaign would do this.'

Wiley didn't say whether the vandalism prevented anyone from voting, but said poll watchers were about two hours late.

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Posted by annika, Jan. 24, 2005 |
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For people like this, I suspect that the anger and resentment comes first, and the political ideology comes second...which specific ideology they adopt being mainly a matter of time, place, and circumstances.

Posted by: David Foster on Jan. 25, 2005

Sounds like RICO to me, with the Kerry campaign and/or the state party as the organization through which the conspirators were operating. I hope they rot for a LONG time. And I would say this even if the parties were reversed: this sort of thing does not belong in politics, period.

Posted by: Dave J on Jan. 25, 2005

this makes me sick! brave and inlightined librals sandbagged by a chimpy kangaroo court!

Posted by: Um Yeah on Jan. 25, 2005