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January 16, 2005

Cheapo Wine Pick Of The Week

1999 Trinity Oaks Zinfandel, $4.99 at Bel Air Market. This is good shit. Tastes like a ten dollar bottle of wine. Looks and smells good too. The 1999 label isn't as pretty as the one pictured here, but don't let that fool you. At that price, i could drink two bottles tonight, but i won't.

Posted by annika, Jan. 16, 2005 |
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Have you tried Two Buck Chuck? You can get it at Trader Joe's. Straight from Napa.

Posted by: spydrz on Jan. 16, 2005

Can't recommend two buck chuck at any price. Its jammy and unpleasant. I found the white chuck undrinkable. I had heard that it is really just the old Franzia box wine repacked. I don't know if its true, but very believable

By the way, if you want to spend a couple more bucks, try one of the Seghesio Family vineyards zins. Its getting more expensive as recognition grows, but the wines are bold with decent structure, and still obtainable at a $15-20 price point.

Posted by: Pursuit on Jan. 17, 2005

Spendthrifts!!! Go down to Vons, and get a six pack of their private label "Searidge" Merlot at about $3 a bottle. With the ten percent discount, one can afford to bathe in the stuff. Witness my newly acquired swarthy complexion.

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 17, 2005

That Searidge would cost me about $4,000 including airfare from Chicago! You are looking fabulous though Casca.

Posted by: Pursuit on Jan. 17, 2005

You poor bastard, I've seen the wine aisle at Luckys... screwtop Lambrusco, and two dollar champagne with plastic corks. Did I mention that the Santa Annas are blowing, and it was 80 on the beach today? Mwahahahahaha!!!

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 17, 2005

Easy Casca, $4,000 for wine and the elimination of an on-line mocker is begining to look like a great deal!

Posted by: Pursuit on Jan. 18, 2005

I couldn't tell from the picture, was that a screw off lid or a will I need a church key?

Posted by: Dean on Jan. 18, 2005