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December 20, 2004

Armor Geddon

Don't believe chicks dig tanks? Go read Redsix's latest installment of his Fallujah experience. It's all about firing that bad boy called the 120mm smoothbore. There's quite a few chicks in the comments section. i find myself looking forward to every new post by Lt. Prakash. Call it penis envy if you want, but chicks dig tanks.

Posted by annika, Dec. 20, 2004 |
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Perhaps it's just professional admiration for a long, hard thing.

Posted by: Casca on Dec. 20, 2004

Go read it, it'll make your dick hard. Well sorta, it's army puke shit, and I don't care how cold you pussys are. It is too gay.

Posted by: Casca on Dec. 20, 2004

It's penis envy!

(Guess I wanted.)

Posted by: Victor on Dec. 21, 2004

First-- I dig this guy's blog. Great reading. I've obsessively read everything Wretchard and Command Post have written about Fallujah since last April. I'm a closet Fallujah-junkie.

Second-- If I was a chick, I would dig tanks. So I'm assuming lots of chicks really do dig tanks. Why? Some guesses:

In addition to the obvious "biggest gun"/phallic symbolism, a tank is a rolling sanctuary which fulfills the evolutionary desire for protection from bad things in the world. That's pretty hot.

And a tank is cutting edge fashionable. Also hot. Plus, one instinctively senses that the inside could be be decorated, accessorized, and personalized to some degree. Hot.

Plus plus, a tank comes equipped with virile and smoking hot tank operators. These guys fulfill the evolutionary desire to mate with the strongest male, increasing the chances of survival of the species. There's not a pot belly among these guys. They're as chivalrous as the day is long, and as randy as the night is young. Smmmmoooookkkkkiiinnnn HOT.

Plus plus plus, these guys come pre-equipped with fashion forward uniforms(!) AND cutting edge technologic accessories.

These guys are nothing less than Knights riding upon the biggest, baddest steeds in history. The steeds are also modern art advertisements for the virility and manhood(ahem) of their riders. How could any healthy, well-adjusted, red-blooded woman NOT love tanks, and all that that implies?

Posted by: gcotharn on Dec. 21, 2004