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December 18, 2004

Apologize To A Cow

Via Serenity:

If you're going to keep eating them, the least you could do is say you're sorry.

Damn. Of course i'm hungry for bar-b-cue now.

Posted by annika, Dec. 18, 2004 |
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I read that article on the gey marriage issue, and it seems that we share very similiar opinions. If I may ask, what type of law are you studying? Regardless, thanks for the link. Cheers.

Posted by: herodotus on Dec. 18, 2004

Um, at the moment, all of it, i guess.

Posted by: annika on Dec. 18, 2004


Surely you jest. You are but learning the language and a few elemental concepts to form a base. And, to be scared to death.

Next year worked to death; year after, bored to death.

I think you need a few days off; studying for finals and waiting for grades does something to your mind. Apologizing to cows, Elton John, Gershwin..your mind is really wandering.

How about commenting on Mary Beth Cahill's remark that the Swifties sunk Kerry's boat? (I always believed it was thus, and gave and raised a bundle for them...they are heroes twice over).

Posted by: shelly on Dec. 18, 2004

I couldn't agree more. Studying too hard, living in the state of vegans and such, why its just too much to take.

Prescription: Take one bone in ribeye, salt and pepper generously, cook briefly over very hot coals, serve rare to medium rare, with a bottle of Cali's finest.

Repeat as necessary.

Oh, yeah, sorry Mr. Cow

Over and out.

Posted by: Pursuit on Dec. 18, 2004

Cows are yummy.

Posted by: spydrz on Dec. 18, 2004

Being a carnivore means never having to say you're sorry.

Posted by: Ted on Dec. 18, 2004

Ted (Nugent?) gets it right. I am most assuredly not sorry, Cow.

And if another one of your kind should be so unlucky as to stumble across my path again, I'll be eating her fat ass, too.


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Dec. 18, 2004

I don't eat cows. I EAT STEARS! Almost every day for that fact!

Shell, I and my circle also contributed. Think about it, they raised and spent $22 mil, about 7% of what a Presidential candidate generates, and all of it was bang for the buck. Hehehe, that's history my friend, kinda fun to make it.

As for Mary Beth Cahill, they blew it when the made her the campaign manager. She was Ted Kennedy's chief of staff. One does not win elections in a rotten burough. One is annointed. The problem the D's have is that all the ground they hold is comprised of rotten buroughs. So, while they have people skilled at stealing votes, they do not have people skilled at winning votes. Their strategic tit is in a wringer, mwahahahaha.

Posted by: Casca on Dec. 18, 2004

I tried apologizing but all that came out of my mouth was "I'm sorry you have a few inedible parts."

The cow just stared back, blankly, chewing its cud.

It's not like I really expected a conversation, I guess. They're just food on the hoof, after all.

Posted by: ccwbass on Dec. 18, 2004

Sorry, Cow, that I can't eat all your relatives, too.

But thanks for being so tasty!

Posted by: Matt on Dec. 19, 2004

im terribly sorry... ill try not to eat you anymore... ur soo sexy with your big black spots

Posted by: Karelle on Feb. 25, 2005

Ah I feel bad for eating you & you're family but you're just so tasty ah I can't help it but on the bright side atleast you'll never have to see another family member dead. & I sure glad I am not a cow. but hey maybe somebody out there wants & longs to be a cow. ah darn why do you have to taste so good? um maybe one day they'll be something else people will eat besides you. but till then you're just going to be slaughtered & therefore people will keep eating themselfes to death so none of us win. but you're still tasty yep.

Posted by: Someone on Jul. 1, 2005