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December 06, 2004

Monday Night Football Pick

And at wide receiver, in his twentieth season out of Mississippi Valley State, at 6'2" and 200 lbs., number 80, the legendary Jerry Rice.

i was eight years old when Jerry Rice played his first NFL game. i remember watching the victory parade and cheering as he rode by me on Market Street after winning the Super Bowl in 1995, arguably his best year.

Tonight, Jerry Rice and the Seahawks play the Dallas Cowboys in Seattle. The Seahawks are favored by seven. This may be Jerry's final Monday Night appearance, so for sentimental reasons i'm going to go with Seattle minus the seven points.

Posted by annika, Dec. 6, 2004 |
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The 'boys stink, seahawks can definitely take them. Best Seahawks receiver, and Republican: Steve Largent.

Posted by: Scof on Dec. 6, 2004

On a similar note, you won a Blogger Bowl Game! Way to go!

Did you drive 400+ miles for some rats?

Posted by: Victor on Dec. 6, 2004

Trust in the Tuna, Dallas bye 3.

Posted by: Dex on Dec. 6, 2004

Am i winning? i haven't checked. You know i got Hasselback as my QB.

Posted by: annika on Dec. 6, 2004

what the hell happened?
what the hell happened?

Posted by: annika on Dec. 6, 2004

Traitor! How can you turn your back on the '9ers. Rice was nothing until he got to Candlestick! You turn your back on the best team in the world when they're down? Oh, the humanity!

Posted by: Kin on Dec. 7, 2004

Annika say my name whose the man!!! Trust in the Tuna!

Posted by: Dex on Dec. 7, 2004

what a great game, I knew dallas would comeback when watching it! I knew it!

Posted by: Scof on Dec. 7, 2004

It was great to see Jerry back in the spotlight where he belongs, even if it was maybe the last time. He was robbed of getting his mug on the horse trailer by the crying tuna, Keyshawn (give me the damn ball), and grandpa Vinny. With that said, it is amusing to watch Holmgren's Jabba head turn red.

Posted by: OpinionEngine on Dec. 7, 2004


"Jabba head."

Posted by: zombyboy on Dec. 7, 2004