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December 05, 2004

Good Thing i Didn't Buy Those Rose Bowl Tickets

WTF is the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl? Are there goldfish in it?

Oh well, the BCS sucks, but at least Cal will have the consolation of playing in "America's Most Exciting Bowl Game."

Posted by annika, Dec. 5, 2004 |
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now you know how we longhorn fans feel when we were # 3 and were not selected to the BCS! Join the club!

Posted by: Lee Herrera on Dec. 5, 2004

...and we Trojans for missing the Big Show last year, or Auburn for missing it this year.

Argues for the top four to meet and then have a play off, doesn't it? Of course, the Golden Bears would still have gotten aced out of that show as well.


Increase votes in the West. The Eastern snobs still are overweighted in the voting, and that tips the percentages enough in favor of the EST time zone.

Posted by: shelly on Dec. 6, 2004

It's kinda the Golden Bears own fault. i've known for weeks that we had to score big in the final two games to stave off Texas. They let Ole' Miss keep it too close this weekend. If only there hadn't been that hurricane earlier this year, we might have ended the season with the Stanford blowout. Even though the "system" is supposed to judge the season, not the last game.

Posted by: annika on Dec. 6, 2004

Annika dear, it was "Southern Miss" (which sounds like the subject of a Playboy article), not "Ole Miss"...

Personally, I think the whole damn thing is a red state conspiracy. ;-)

Still, we took a knee late in the game rather than run up the score. That was pure Cal class. (After we had a brilliant Arrington TD called back on what the commentators on ESPN called a terrible penalty.) I don't doubt Mack Brown would have punched it into the end zone...

I am disappointed, but relieved that hordes of relatives are not besieging me to use any of my limited Pasadena connections to get them tickets.

Posted by: Hugo on Dec. 6, 2004

Ah yes, you are correct Hugo. And my mistake was really a Freudian slip: the ole' means i must be thinking of Spain. And how i'd rather be there right now than here at home trying to remember the intricacies of adverse possession, in personam jurisdiction and the felony murder rule.

Posted by: annika on Dec. 6, 2004

I had some fun at Barclay's on College during the game Sat Night arguing that God was on the side of the Golden Bears. Leftists were countering "No way". Maybe they were right.

and those damn Raiders!@!%$!*! what's the felony murder rule?

Posted by: d-rod on Dec. 6, 2004

Shit Anni, I've never been to a Holiday Bowl, but I just may have to go this year. Pacific Life Holiday Bowl Thursday 4:30 Kickoff, shall I line up tickets, and a spot on the floor at Casa del Casca?

Posted by: Casca on Dec. 6, 2004