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November 21, 2004

(Sporadic) Huge Comment of the Week®

Last Week's (Sporadic) Huge Comment of the Week® was a comment to my request for advice on which animated movie to see this weekend.*

Go for 'The Incredibles.' Speculate on what sex between Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl must have been like. Discuss the paradox of being a woman who basically is her own condom.
Upon reading that comment, i was impelled to guffaw most heartily. Like this:
So Kevin Kim has earned his second oak leaf cluster. Congratulations, Kevin!

Those of you with strong stomachs might want to check out Kevin's new line of Christmas cards.

P.S.: i might humbly remind everyone that annika's journal merchandise also makes a great holiday gift.

* We saw The Incredibles, which was a whole lot of fun, and i highly recommend it.

Posted by annika, Nov. 21, 2004 |
Rubric: Huge Comment Of The Week®


This is off-topic obviously, but I just noticed our favorite trolling mutant, Robert McClelland, has been sighted bugging our conservative comrades living north of the border........


Posted by: reagan80 on Nov. 21, 2004

Thanks for the shout-out, A. My nipple hairs and I thank you.

Ah, yes... another cluster to pin proudly to my scroties. Long may they dangle.


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Nov. 21, 2004

The last time McLelland posted, the IP address was based out of Wichita Falls TX. If he is a Canadian, then maybe he is right and has not posted here. But i tend to think that he is lying about never posting here, even while i believe that there are also McLelland impostors too. Some of the old spam comments were very similar in tone to his comments on Western Standard, including the pit bull vitriol and the words "reich-whingers." Maybe he employs a bot. In any case, he is despicable and among the worst representatives of the left i have seen. A few less people like him and the Democrats might actually have a chance to win in 2008.

Posted by: annika on Nov. 21, 2004

Indeed. I find it amusing that he once said that he fraudulently had voter's registrations in 3 key battleground states before the election and Kerry still lost.....LMAO

Posted by: reagan80 on Nov. 22, 2004