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November 18, 2004

Clinton Limericking

In honor of the opening of Clinton's Little Rock library, i'd like to reprint a few stanzas from a dirty limerick by Cameron of Way Off Bass.

. . .

While Bill on the podium dropped trou,
Making sounds like an amorous cow,
A fat intern walked by
Catching Clinton’s glazed eye;
“I’m the piglet, and there goes my sow!”

So the Horn Dog rolled off of the stage
(For his belt did his ankles engage).
As he crawled on the floor,
Up came Al “Mad Dog” Gore,
And the stick up his ass he called Rage.

. . .

Cameron's site is full of political and topical poetry, if you like that kind of stuff. i'd nominate him as the Mark Russell of the blogosphere, except nobody knows or cares who Mark Russell is, since nobody watches PBS anymore.

Posted by annika, Nov. 18, 2004 |
Rubric: On The Blogosphere & Poetry


Well, liberals can respond

A world-class statesman named Bill
Was the target of wrath on the Hill
with venom and bile
his enemies vile
misjudged and misjudge him still


Posted by: Hugo on Nov. 18, 2004

He's got some good stuff

Posted by: Scof on Nov. 18, 2004

Semi-off topic.

It is raining here today for the CLinton Lie-bray opening. The local media and police have been saying that, in the event of rain:


If you happen to see the coverage, please note that the people sitting in front all have umbrellas. Apparently, the "No Umbrellas" rule only applies to the common folk. Rich folks and celebrities are allowed umbrellas.

The Democrats really are the party of equality and the little man.

Posted by: Steve L. on Nov. 18, 2004


Thanks for the link and, because I like ol' Mark Russell, the compliment.

Posted by: ccwbass on Nov. 18, 2004

Why yall so nasty?!

Posted by: ken on Nov. 18, 2004

I had a dream about Monica Lewinsky recently. In my dream, she was looking for a husband. I was not interested.

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Nov. 18, 2004

And a haiku:

Cool November rain
remember our golden age?
President Clinton

Posted by: Hugo on Nov. 18, 2004

Haiku right back at you:

Took a young intern,
Used her like a redlight whore.
Threw her to the wolves.
And what really hurts is that I voted for the sumbitch in '96, so I figure I have sniping rights.

Posted by: ccwbass on Nov. 18, 2004

A wretched old fella named Starr
Our Billy's fine name did tar
He reveled in slime
but revealed no crime
his perfidy left quite a scar

From a small southern town called Hope
Came a leader of great breadth and scope
For eight years he shone --
but now we all moan
in this dark time,liberals mope

Posted by: Hugo on Nov. 18, 2004

"For eight years he shone"?

Uh huh. Go towards the light, Hugo. It's time to pass on.

Posted by: ccwbass on Nov. 18, 2004

How 'bout the Tom Lehrer of his age?

Posted by: Smallholder on Nov. 19, 2004

Hugo, I ask, in all sincerity, just what do you see in Clinton? I admit, I voted for the SOB the first time he ran...but in less than a week I was regretting it!

I think annika will vouch for me that this is a sincere question; I've left my Munuvian URL out of the personal info so that you may reply to my question privately (if you so choose--obviously you may ignore this question), or perhaps you'd like to do so on your blog. Thanks for your time.

Billy's winning was the happiest of days:
"I'll make the military safe for gays!"
That promise he did break,
Saying, "Oops! A mistake!"
And he had only been Prez for three days!

No one told him you're supposed to wait at least a week before you start breaking promises!

Posted by: Victor on Nov. 19, 2004

Hugo, I now see you anticipated my question and already answered on your blog :)
Thanks for a thoughtful reply.

Posted by: Victor on Nov. 19, 2004

One more comment: Did anyone else notice someone was missing from the ceremonies?

Posted by: Victor on Nov. 19, 2004

Ford's health prevented his attendance, but he sent his regards.

Posted by: annika on Nov. 19, 2004

Oh. Thanks, annika!

Posted by: Victor on Nov. 19, 2004


I figure as long as I haven't slid into William Shatner's "The Transformed Man" territory I'm doing OK.

Posted by: ccwbass on Nov. 19, 2004

How about that all-time classic, Two Sides Of Leonard Nimoy?

("The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins?" Grrroaaan!)

Posted by: annika-geek on Nov. 19, 2004

Ahh - Nimoy! The Bad-Music-Appreciator's patron saint!

Posted by: ccwbass on Nov. 19, 2004

I like Russell, but I think he was better when he was younger. He seems to have lost a little something lately. And I have ALL of Tom Leher's music (In a boxed set, even!). Tom's humour was more than just political. Who else would have though to sing the periodic table of elements to the tune of 'I am the Model of a Modern Major General' (Gilbert and Sullivan, for those who don't know).

Posted by: Keith on Nov. 19, 2004