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October 28, 2004

Blog Future Feature Teaser 4.0

Since nobody wants to interview me, i've decided to institute a new blog feature, where i conduct fascinating interviews over Yahoo! Instant Messenger with some of my favorite bloggers. This new feature will be filed under the rubric "annieconversations." Get it? annie - conversations. annika - nversations? Cute huh?

First up is my recent interview with Munuvian iconoclast Publicola, which i'll try to have up later today. Stay tuned.

Posted by annika, Oct. 28, 2004 |
Rubric: On The Blogosphere


Well, this will be fun. In addition to my own interview, I think your interview with the late Angry Clam will be superb.

Posted by: Hugo on Oct. 28, 2004

I'd love to see an interview with the Angry Clam. I miss him. Whenever I needed a healthy dose of visceral fury, I could always count on the Clam! But he's clerking for the Fourth Circuit now (apparently), so he might be hard to track down.

Posted by: Matt on Oct. 28, 2004

"Since nobody wants to interview me"

I think people got the impression that you didn't want interviewing from your "IM Dialogue" entry on August 15. I don't think anybody else wants to be punk'd like "expletivedeleted" was.

Posted by: reagan80 on Oct. 28, 2004

Haha, that was beautiful, wasn't it.

Posted by: annika on Oct. 28, 2004

Indeed it was....

Posted by: reagan80 on Oct. 28, 2004

so many IM convos, so little time ;)

Posted by: Scof on Oct. 28, 2004

Ooooh, pick me, pick me! But not for the next 14 days. After the husband leaves :)

Posted by: Sarah on Oct. 28, 2004