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October 19, 2004

Back Online

Things i've learned after not blogging for over a week:

  • The electromagnetic pulse weapon is real.

  • The EMP weapon is dangerous.

  • It must not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.
(Okay, there is no EMP device. i just fucked up somehow. Don't even ask.)

After not blogging for over a week, i was also surprised to find that:

  • My head did not explode.

  • The sun still came up in the morning.

  • The Red Sox still found a way to blow it in the post-season.
Oops, maybe my lack of blogging did have a tiny effect on the space-time continuum.

Posted by annika, Oct. 19, 2004 |
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Very glad to see you are back!

Posted by: Daniel on Oct. 19, 2004

Whaddya mean, blow it? They're tied 3-3 with the Yanks now. After that, I can almost forgive them for beating out my Angels in the first round. Almost.

Posted by: Xrlq on Oct. 19, 2004

"The Red Sox still found a way to blow it in the post-season."

Uh, not. Go Sox!!! :-)

Posted by: Dave J on Oct. 19, 2004

ah yes, but i have a feeling the sun will come up a little brighter tomorrow because you're back. we missed you so much! i started to check a little too often. i didn't realize lack of annika would send me so quickly into withdrawal.

Posted by: candace on Oct. 19, 2004

ditto, ditto, ditto - Go Sox!!!

Posted by: d-rod on Oct. 19, 2004

Yes, it's good to be back. i need to re-calibrate my subtlety meter though.

Xrlq and Dave J: sorry, i was trying to be subtle, perhaps too subtle. You see, they didn't blow it, so the space-time continuum is, well, oh, never mind.

Posted by: annika on Oct. 19, 2004

It's nice to be missed...but nicer to come back.

Hope you got some studying done in the blackout. We are looking for you to edit the Law Review.

Posted by: shelly s. on Oct. 20, 2004

Hey, I would like to see the underdog win over the Yanks myself, but at least I have one consolation if the Sox lose.........Steinbrenner is pro-Bush.

Posted by: reagan80 on Oct. 20, 2004


Posted by: ginger on Oct. 20, 2004

Miss Annika,

I'm very glad your back, as no one on the web gives me what you do: Gratuitous Sox talk :P

Posted by: Publicoa on Oct. 20, 2004

I was starting to get worried - good to see you back!

Posted by: Lorie on Oct. 20, 2004

I had to see what candy was ravin bout.

Posted by: Lisa on Oct. 20, 2004

Oh, heavens to murgatroid, I missed ya.

Posted by: Hugo on Oct. 20, 2004


We wuz worried about choo, Miz Annika! (I was beginning to think it was something I said/didn't say. Then I slapped myself because you know, even *I know I ain't THAT important.


Posted by: Margi on Oct. 20, 2004

:) ahhhhhhhhhhhhnnika!

Posted by: gcotharn on Oct. 20, 2004

Ah. Did you mean to insinuate that the Red Sox are so inept that failed even to fail?

Posted by: Xrlq on Oct. 20, 2004

Don't jump to any conclusions...


Posted by: CW on Oct. 20, 2004

Nice to see you back, Annie! Old Skool and I were exchanging e-mails just today, speculating about what was going on. The leading theory was that after your "butt cleavage" post your super double-secret blogger identity had somehow been compromised at the law school, and you'd decided to pull the plug. Glad we were wrong.

Posted by: Matt on Oct. 20, 2004

Ha! my law school is so full of leftwingnuts, i would be very surprised if anyone would read my rightwingnut blog anyways.

Posted by: annika! on Oct. 20, 2004


I missed you! I looked mornfully as often as I could. Now life is good again.

Posted by: Chuck on Oct. 21, 2004

Believe it or not, one tires of looking at porn 24/7.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 21, 2004

You're alive! You're alive! I sent out emails, Ted asked at Munuvia, and the two of use were about to send out search rats and rocket drones!

In the event The Worst had happened, I would've kept Poetry Day alive, but I don't think you would've like it. Don't ever leave again.

Posted by: Victor on Oct. 22, 2004