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October 06, 2004

Wednesday Is Poetry Day

How different is this war we are fighting now. Compared to wars of the distant past.

Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) writes about a once universal irony among soldiers:

      'Had he and I but met
      By some old ancient inn,
We should have sat us down to wet
      Right many a nipperkin!

      'But ranged as infantry,
      And staring face to face,
I shot at him as he at me,
      And killed him in his place.

      'I shot him dead because --
      Because he was my foe,
Just so: my foe of course he was;
      That's clear enough; although

      'He thought he'd 'list, perhaps,
      Off-hand like -- just as I --
Was out of work -- had sold his traps --
      No other reason why.

      'Yes; quaint and curious war is!
      You shoot a fellow down
You'd treat if met where any bar is,
      Or help to half-a-crown.'

In this current war of ours, i doubt you'd find many on our side who'd share Hardy's poignant sentiment.

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Nah, these guys are whack jobs. Like the little soldierette prison guard said, "The fuck women for children, and boys for fun".

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 6, 2004

Indeed, the cultural gulf is wider with our current enemy than before. I remember reading this poem in high school in a discussion of the Cold War (which was of course still ongoing), and talking about the humanity of Russian soldiers...


Posted by: Hugo on Oct. 7, 2004