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September 08, 2004

Al Goer Is A Bitter Man

Not supposed to be posting at school, but i have to call attention to an outrageous statement by Al Goer.

It's so ironic that the Democrats are all bent out of shape about so-called negative campaigning, then Al Goer goes and says this shit in The New Yorker:

'I’m not of the school that questions [President Bush's] intelligence,' Gore went on. 'There are different kinds of intelligence, and it’s arrogant for a person with one kind of intelligence to question someone with another kind.[*] . . . He seeks strength in simplicity. But, in today’s world, that’s often a problem. I don’t think that he’s weak intellectually. I think that he is incurious. . . . But I think his weakness is a moral weakness. I think he is a bully, and, like all bullies, he’s a coward when confronted with a force that he’s fearful of. His reaction to the extravagant and unbelievably selfish wish list of the wealthy interest groups that put him in the White House is obsequious. The degree of obsequiousness that is involved in saying "yes, yes, yes, yes, yes" to whatever these people want, no matter the damage and harm done to the nation as a whole—that can come only from genuine moral cowardice. I don’t see any other explanation for it, because it’s not a question of principle. The only common denominator is each of the groups has a lot of money that they’re willing to put in service to his political fortunes and their ferocious and unyielding pursuit of public policies that benefit them at the expense of the nation.'
That's pretty brutal rhetoric, even from a career hatchet artist like Goer. It's ironic that his mentor was the man who coined the phrase, in a negative context mind you, "the politics of personal destruction." Even the old Bill Clinton wouldn't have stooped to calling a sitting President "incurious," morally weak, "a coward," a "bully," "fearful," "obsequious," and basically crooked. Does that sound like a man who is at peace with himself, as we are so often told Goer is?

It's also ironic that Goer accuses the President of bowing to special interests when Goer was the man who bought and sold access like he was a ticket counter at Yankee Stadium. Two words: "Buddhist Temple." Three words: "No Controlling Authority."

Link via Llama Butchers.

* Isn't it also arrogant and egotistical to crow about one's own intelligence?

Posted by annika, Sep. 8, 2004 |
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If Gore was anywhere near as smart as he thinks he is, he would say things that might actually convince somebody of something...instead of asserting that Bush is a bully, he would cite evidence and/or syllogisms attempting to demonstrate such a conclusion. But his wing of the Left has become so arrogant that they substitute assertion for argument.

Posted by: David Foster on Sep. 8, 2004

back on the farm, where i'm from, if your animals go crazy...you got to kill them and cut off their heads. then you have got to send their heads to the county animal inspector general to check 'em out for rabies.

gore has gone crazy, that is for sure, but has anyone checked him for rabies.

Posted by: cubicle on Sep. 8, 2004

LMAO, he's a dumbass! Dubyuh a bully? This from the thugocracy of the century? No bodies dumped in the park yet.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 8, 2004

*I have no trouble with arrogance and egotism - when it is earned. In the case of Al Goer's alleged intgelligence - I have trouble.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin on Sep. 8, 2004

As Tim Blair and Bugs Bunny have said on more than one occasion, "What a maroon." (moron)

Don't forget--this dip could have been President.

Think about where we'd be if Goer was at the helm.

Bogles(sp?) the mind, wouldn't you agree?

Posted by: joe on Sep. 8, 2004

If he were an honest man, he'd admit that he blew it and move on. I can't even wish him ill. He has to live with himself for the rest of his life, and that is punishment enough.

Posted by: Mark on Sep. 9, 2004

He get crazier by the day. He's a loony loser, and I think even most Democrats can see it now. If only he would just shut up -- but he's way to full of rage. He must be extremely embarrassing to the Dem party. ;)

Posted by: 2flower on Sep. 9, 2004

gets and too (I need more sleep)

Posted by: 2flower on Sep. 9, 2004

But, but, but if he hadn't invented the Internet, none of you ungrateful peons would even be able to attack him like this! ;-)

Posted by: Dave J on Sep. 9, 2004

A poor, poor rebuttal, Annika.

Basically, you didn't refute anything Gore said; instead, you appealed to authority; i.e.; your belief Gore is a bad man.

Logical fallacy is not your friend.

Posted by: JadeGold on Sep. 9, 2004

oh my, i answered Gore's logical fallacy of argumentum ad hominem with the logical fallacy of appeal to authority.

i feel so ashamed.

Can't you just take your dog-eared Logic 101 textbook and just go away Jade Gold.

Posted by: annika! on Sep. 9, 2004

Well, remember: AL Goer is supposed to have been roommate to celebrated actor Tommy Lee Jones as undergraduates at Harvard.

Who the hell did George W. Bush ever room with that was anybody of consequence?

I ask you.

David March, animator & fiddler

Posted by: David March, animator & fiddler on Sep. 11, 2004