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September 07, 2004

Kerry Is An Idiot

Perhaps you've seen the story about Kerry accepting a shotgun* as a gift, then joking about being unable to bring it to the presidential debates.

You might have also heard that the very same gun he was happy to receive would have been banned if legislation he co-sponsored had become law!

Rush Limbaugh apparently talked about Kerry's Senate Bill 1431 this morning. Drudge also posted about it. Now, i don't entirely trust information i get from either of those guys (i've learned my lesson), so i went immediately to the source: The font of all ballistic knowledge. The man. The legend. The myth. Whom the ancient Greeeks revered as Basilios Ballistikos, the king of ballistics, whom the ancient Romans feared as Dominus Armas, the master of weaponry, the one, the only, and fellow Munuvian . . .


Who, in a nutshell, confirms the story. The shotgun in question, a Beretta A300, violates Kerry's law in at least four ways. Publicola also picks apart Kerry's vague and poorly drafted law.

I see several areas where the shotgun pictured would run afoul of S.1431. For starters it does define pistol grip as simply a grip. It's badly worded in that an english style grip could be considered a pistol grip for the purposes of the bill.

& using the bill's definition of pistol grip (which means any grip at all) we are then confronted with the bill's definition of a forward grip: 'a grip located forward of the trigger that functions as a pistol grip'. Since a pistol grip is defined more or less as any type of grip then the forward stock of any long gun would constitute a pistol grip.

. . .

S.1431 never specifies which length of shell is to be used to determine magazine capacity. It stands to reason that the intent of the writer of this law is to ban as many firearms as possible, so using the smallest shell capable of being fired in a shotgun would be consistent with the legislative intent.

He's for gun control . . . no wait . . . he's a hunter . . . no wait . . . he wanted to ban hunting guns . . . no wait . . . The only thing i can be sure of is . . . Kerry's an idiot.

* You may notice that the geniuses at the Seattle Times don't know the difference between a rifle and a shotgun. Journalists! Continuing to prove my point that they're all idiots too.

Posted by annika, Sep. 7, 2004 |
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Kerry's antics leave us with but one inescapable conclusion concerning him and his team:

He, and they, are not ready for prime time.

The team is being layered out of the decision making process as we post; will the Clintonistas that replace them do better while WJC calls signals from the hospital bed?

How can they do worse? And, if Kerry loses, who is the big winner on the Democratic side?

Posted by: shelly s. on Sep. 7, 2004

Wouldn't that be basilios ballistikos? I admit my Ancient Greek is fairly rusty. ;-)

Posted by: Dave J on Sep. 8, 2004

i like the alliteration; change made, Dave.

Posted by: annika! on Sep. 8, 2004

Actually, Publicola's quite mistaken. But that's not new or worthy of attention. After all, it's not surprising since you'd expect someone such as Publicola to have a very tenuous grasp of gun laws.

Publicola likes to present himself as a gun expert but he can't back it up.

Posted by: JadeGold on Sep. 9, 2004

Anyone care to dissect the previous comment for logical fallacies?

Nah, its not really worth the time.

Posted by: annika! on Sep. 9, 2004


How am I mistaken? & when have I been mistaken in the past on a matter of fact? & when have I ever presented myself as anything other than someone with an opinion, let alone as a gun expert?

Finally, when you claim that I cannot back it up, surely you're referring to the ludicrous assaults against my reputation aren't you? Because I would like to hope that even you, whom or whatever you actually may be, aren't foolish or masochistic enough to be challengng me to some sort of a duel?

Son/little girl/whatever condescending gender reference would be apprropiate, all I have ever seen form you is a demonstration on logical disconnection form one thought to the next. I fear that comprehension of the subject at hand is beyond you & you're only resort to make yourself feel like you're impressing someone is to use personal assaults in a vain attempt to belittle whomever you feel is your opponent's reputation int he eys of others.

Now, before I get very redneck on your pathetic little ignent, two-bit, movin' your lips when you look at pictures, thinkin' safe sex is markin' the sheep that kick, no point having ass - would you mind explaining why I am wrong on my analysis of S.1431 & how it would apply to Kerry's newly gifted shotgun?

Miss Annika,

Thanks very much for the too kind words. & please forgive my reaction to Jade, but I feel he's trying to insult me & I wasn't raised to have that.

Posted by: Publicola on Sep. 9, 2004

Mr. Kerry is a fool if he thinks that the war on terrorist will end within 6 months. I am currently in the military, and have been overseas(proud to be there). All though the loss of life is tragic, it is something that must be done. We as AMERICANS need to know that we will be safe wherever we go. Not only us, but also the suffering people of IRAQ and AFGANISTAN.

Posted by: chris mills on Sep. 30, 2004

Chris Mills is right in that the "war on terrorism" won't be over in six months, but he is a fool if he thinks the Bush administration is making the world safer for Americans, or anybody. I travel and work internationally way too much. Currently America is the most despiesed country in the world, with the possible exception of Israel, and that's hard to sort out as the two are so linked. If Americans want to be safer in both America and other countries then we need to stop invading other countries, stop supporting oppressive regimes and start contributing to the world. Kerry, if he did nothing, would do a much better job of making America more secure place than Bush has. Bush is pushing his neo-con agenda ahead of national security (why are we in Iraq when Saddam was putting down fundamentalists??). No the fundamentalists are the only stable power source in Iraq, tell me that's not going to breed all kinds of problems. Saddam was a bad man, but there are lots of bad men in the world, it's the United States' job to take them all out. Invading Saudi Arabia would have made a lot more sense, 90 percent of the hijackers were from there! None were from Iraq? Jesus, when are people going to wake up and see through Bush's lies?

As for Kerry and gun control, Publico is stretching hard. The grip on the shotgun wouldn't meet any definition of a pistol grip, come on. I use firearms, nothing in the bill contradicts owning the shotgun Kerry is pictured with. Gun violence in the US is totally insane compared to any other country in the world. Banning some weapons would do more our violent crime rate than about anything else, save a lot of lives (know any cops who don't support Kerry's gun control?), etc.

Do something good for the US, yourself and the world this Nov: Vote Kerry.

Posted by: Sit Down on Oct. 11, 2004

bottom line kerry is an idiot...no further comment

Posted by: stfu on Oct. 12, 2004

Sit Down,

It's a pistol grip. Both by the historic definition & the definition used in the bill. The term came about in the 1800's & applies to any grip that is not straight more or less.

& a lot in the bill would preclude Kerry from legally owning that shotgun if the bill were passed into law. Re-read my post & feel free to e-mail me with any discrepencies you find between what the bill says & my conclusions.

As for our violent crime rate - we're not at the top. Depending on whose stats you trust (& I trust none of them myself) we're in the middle or upper range, but there are countries more violent than the U.S. Mexico has more per capita deaths attributable to firearms to name one.

Oh & our rate of deaths attributable to firearms is around 28,000 a year. 16,000 are suicides, 800 are negligent discharges (accidentla shootings is th emore common but incorrect term) & the rest are homicides, both justifable & non-justifable. It's at a pretty low point if you look at the totals for th elast 100 years. & motor vehicles are responisble for around 40,000 deaths per year to put things into perspective. It's really not as bad as you think if you look at things minus the Kerry/Schumer/DiFi/Boxer/Kennedy/Brady kool-aid.

But gun control - nope. won't save a life in the U.S. yet. Hasn't to date. But I'll get to how it might in a minute. Now look at D.C. - almost a total ban & yet they are usually in the top 2 for murders per year in the U.S. D.C.'s main competitor? Chicago - another place with assinine gun control laws.

& I know a lot of cops who don't support Kerry's or Bush's gun control. You won't hear them cause they're busy walking the beat instead of attending Chief's Association meetings. Most cops (not administrators) aren't enamored with gun control. The exception is the younger cop in an urban area, & if you asked him about banning cars or kitchen knives or baseball bats odds are he'd be inclined to consider it.

Now historically gun control has saved a lot of lives, I'll grant that. There are many, many SS, Gestapo, KGB, etc... who are alive only because gun control was implemented before the purges & round ups. So gun control could save live sin the U.S. by keeping the people from being able to effectively resist a tyrannical action by the government.

Bottom line: Kerry is a hypocrite & really has no clue about the firearms laws he'd pass. Gun control only saves live snot worth saving.

As for the world despising us & we need to contribute more... I'm a North Carolinian & by extension an American. The rest of the world can hate us as they go to hell. What we need to do is back quickly out of the U.N. & NATO, pull all our troops stationed abroad home who aren't in the middle of something (like Iraq) & let the world fend for itself.

To give you the level of "I don't give a rat's ass" involved when it comes to the rest of the world, a budyd of mine back home has a big celebration on UN day (sometime in Sept. or Otc. - I forget the exact date). He sets up blue helmets at 200, 300, 400 & 600 yards. It's amazing what a 150 grain FMJ will do to a blue helmet, & blue is such an easy color to pick up in your sights. :) Like I said, they can go to hell.

Posted by: Publicola on Oct. 28, 2004