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August 17, 2004

Commitment To Excellence, annika Style

So you know, blogging might be light this week and almost non-existent starting next Monday. Yesterday was the first day of orientation week. Classes start on the 23rd.


My plan is to post weekly if at all possible, in the style of Anne...straight from the hip (quantity-wise, of course. i could never hope to match her quality-wise).

i'll still try to check in on my regular blog reading, because it's a pleasure i just can't give up that easily.

Besides, i need to taunt Rocket Jones mercilessly some more.

Posted by annika, Aug. 17, 2004 |
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It just occurred to me that I never invited you to become a Hot Jets cheerleader for Rocket Jones. Please accept my apology for that, and consider joining the best sideline squad in blogdom.

Posted by: Ted on Aug. 17, 2004


Posted by: shelly s. on Aug. 17, 2004

As a fan, Annika dear, keep up the Wednesday poetry... please!

You'll be a big smashing Golden Bear success. I know it.

Posted by: Hugo on Aug. 17, 2004

Good luck! Keep your head up!

Posted by: Scof on Aug. 17, 2004

I just noticed you like Stephen Ambrose. I'm currently enrolled at his former stomping grounds......the University of New Orleans. Unfortunately, Douglas Brinkley has taken over Ambrose's former position at UNO. Anyway, my classes also start Monday, so good luck with your academic rigamaroo.

Posted by: reagan80 on Aug. 18, 2004