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August 12, 2004

Whether He Is Or Isn't Is Nobody's Business

MTV.com, a highly respected and perfectly objective news source, thinks that a certain personal lifestyle choice of New Jersey governor James McGreevey's is none of your damn business.

No, i'm not talking about his sexual preference. In fact, i'm sure they're overjoyed that McGreevey has come out of the closet.

But why won't they tell us that he's a Democrat?

Not that there's anything wrong with that . . .

Posted by annika, Aug. 12, 2004 |
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So McGreevey is a cocksucker? Name me a Democrat who isn't!

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 12, 2004

I could not have cared less - until it came out that his squeeze was on the state payroll with a six figure plus salary, and is planning to sue.

Posted by: Mark on Aug. 12, 2004

Very good post, Annika.

“But why won't they tell us that he's a Democrat?”

Obviously, you have not read the section in the Constitution dealing with freedom of the press.

The Constitution says that you must put Republican in the headline if the bad politician is a Republican. If the bad politician is a Democrat, you are not allowed to put the word Democrat any where in the story or headline.

Posted by: jake on Aug. 12, 2004

Silly me. i must not have been paying attention during my two semesters of Con History.

Posted by: annika on Aug. 12, 2004

bushs war against a nation that did not threaten America is costing us a billion dollars a day and you guys are hung up on gay love...

i am more worried about our guys who are dying in Iraq while the mullahs next door in Iran praise god for sending bush to destroy their greatest enemy. when they get done laughing at bush they go back to work on developing nukes.

Posted by: Anjin-San on Aug. 12, 2004

Golan Cipel is a Mossad man, and New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey is just one more victim of a Mossad honeytrap when he first met Cipel in Israel.

The homosexual relationship that probably started very early on made McGreevey, a progressive, a staunch catholic and father of two, exceptionally vulnerable to blackmail.

Surprise, surprise - Cipel found himself Governor McGreevey's Homeland Security Czar in New Jersey, a very useful and powerful position for a Mossad operative to find himself in. This appointment was made despite Cipel having no qualifications for the job, no background check being carried out and amidst tremendous resistence to the appointment.

The demand for money (always behind the jewish plots) now being talked about is smoke and mirrors to distract attention from the underlying Mossad blackmail.

If progressive Americans ever become aware of the role of Mossad in this affair the shit will really hit the fan.

You know Golan Cipel will scurry back to his jew dominants in Israel as soon as the spotlight is turned on him.

Posted by: Zizz on Aug. 14, 2004

Hmmmm, now the Mossad angle is interesting. Perhaps they wanted to bring him down for appointing that stupid fuck Lautenberg.

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 14, 2004

got anti-semitism?

Posted by: annika! on Aug. 14, 2004

Cipel pronouned TSI PEL as in nipple is Mossad double agent. But no need for antisemitic comments here as above. Zizz is a motherfucker. Get lost, zozz, and use your real email next time.
Love it when the antisems come out of the closet. Sad puppies.

Posted by: d on Aug. 16, 2004