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August 11, 2004

Go Cal Bears!

i was pleased to see that Cal's football team is ranked in the top 25 on at least six pre-season polls. The latest is a number 22 ranking on Sports Illustrated's poll. SI ranks USC at number one, which is no surprise, but guess which Pac-10 team handed the Trojans their only defeat last year?

That's right, it was the Cal Bears!

Some other rankings are:

We're not on the AP's radar yet, but i'm hoping we will be, as soon as the season gets going. Watch returning junior Aaron Rodgers at QB and senior Geoff McArthur at wide receiver. McArthur averaged 115 yards per game with ten touchdowns on his way to a conference leading 1504 total yards. As a passer, Rodgers was second in the PAC-10 in yards per attempt and second only to Matt Leinart in QB rating.

Posted by annika, Aug. 11, 2004 |
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Bears Smears, the big news in the college football world has GOT to be the formation of the GREAT WEST FOOTBALL CONFERENCE. On Oct 2nd, the mighty Jackrabbits of South Dakota State University (SDSU) will smite the Mustangs of Cal Poly (SLO). ;-)

Posted by: wobots on Aug. 12, 2004

The SEC rules.

Posted by: Dex on Aug. 12, 2004

Sadly my dear, preseason polls are horseshit. No way the Buckeyes aren't in the top five.

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 12, 2004

Guess which team is going to get their lunch handed back to them in the Coliseum this year as a "thank you" for ruining USC's otherwise perfect season last year?

Fight on!!!!

Posted by: shelly s. on Aug. 13, 2004

Annika, I will be your Golden Bear ally all season long...

Oh, they had a little party down in Newport...

Posted by: Hugo on Aug. 15, 2004