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July 30, 2004

Happy Birthday Governor Schwarzenegger!

And congratulations on the Wiener-stempel!


Posted by annika, Jul. 30, 2004 |


I should have known he was a Leo.

You know, my father is from Austria; I'm uncertain whether it is a blessing or a curse that our governor is by far the most famous Austrian alive...

Posted by: Hugo Schwyzer on Jul. 30, 2004

Unfortunately, he's not the most famous Austrian, though...

Posted by: annika! on Jul. 30, 2004

Why does this stamp freaks me out?

Posted by: Dex on Jul. 30, 2004

Why its like a nightmare of Jack Layton and the whole liberal party in charge of defense of the States. Iam afraid.

Posted by: Dex on Jul. 30, 2004