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July 27, 2004


Has Ted Kennedy ever spoken one sentence in the last thirty years without fucking up the pronounciation of something in some way?

Has anyone ever accused him of being an idiot for doing so?

Posted by annika, Jul. 27, 2004 |
Rubric: annikapunditry


You mean, seperately from the zillion other reasons to (correctly) accuse him of being an idiot? Actually, now that you mention it, I'm fairly certain the answer is yes. God, what an asinine schmuck. The man makes me almost terminally embarassed to be from Massachusetts.

Posted by: Dave J on Jul. 27, 2004

Both excellent questions.

Neither of which would recieve a coherent or polite answer from anyone in Boston at the moment.

Posted by: Mike Jericho on Jul. 28, 2004

He's an idiot. I think he accused Tereza HK of being opinionated (oh sorry, that was actually her F'ing spouse). The Dems have a dream that someday the people will consider them smart instead of opinionated.

Posted by: d-rod on Jul. 28, 2004

I think he has "No officer, I haven't been drinking", and "I hope you can swim" down pat.

Posted by: JasonM on Jul. 28, 2004