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July 25, 2004

Fantasy Football Tip

So Miami running back Ricky Williams is quitting the NFL at age 27 so he can smoke pot full time? Interesting career choice. He's on his way to Asia as we speak, and one wonders if he'll meet up with Todd Marinovich somewhere along the way. Well, at least that makes picking an RB for my fantasy team a little easier.

Posted by annika, Jul. 25, 2004 |
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Now you're harshing his buzz.

Posted by: Casca on Jul. 25, 2004

I already had him on my team. My team went from really strong to average over night (or should I say in a puff of smoke).

Posted by: PAUL on Jul. 26, 2004

I'd sure like to be able to retire at 27 and go bum around. lucky sob

Posted by: Scof on Jul. 26, 2004

Good bye! This Bills fan welcomes his retirement!

Posted by: Jennifer on Jul. 27, 2004