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July 02, 2004

Thoughts On Some Movies i Saw On AMC This Week

. . . The fight scene in Rocky II is perhaps the greatest fight scene in the history of movies - but only if you accept the dubious possibility that two professional heavyweights would, or could, go 15 rounds without ever once protecting themselves, and that any referee would ever allow such a thing. . . .

. . . There's a really good reason why Ralph Macchio's career never caught fire after doing the Karate Kid movies: he is without a doubt the most annoying actor in the history of film. . . .

. . . What is it with you guys and The Blues Brothers movie? It must be some defect in the y chromosome that makes you love it so much because - face it - that movie really sucks. . . .

. . . Amityville II, The Possession shares a distinct honor with Superman III in my book. They are both completely and utterly unwatchable. . . .

Have a great Fourth of July weekend everybody! i'm outta here.

Posted by annika, Jul. 2, 2004 | TrackBack (0)
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My cousin went on a date with Ralph Macchio, and she thought he was annoying in real life.

The Blues Brothers is kind of like a dog that is so lovable and so ugly that it's beautiful. It's lovable if you worship Belushi and dig the music- and I do. I love the scene in the sewer when he begs for his life, plants a wet one on Carrie Fischer, then drops her in the muck and says "Let's go." I love the performance scenes in the cowboy bar. Some of my earliest TV memories are of the TV show "Rawhide." It may be a generational thing. I was born in 1960.

Posted by: gcotharn in Texas on Jul. 2, 2004

The Blues Brothers is just one of those things, like Better Off Dead or the American Pie movies, that captures the humor of a very specific group of people at a very specific point in time. So the people who have an association with it will always love it and nobody else will ever understand why.

It was filmed in my home town, so I have a thing for it.

Rocky II? You think? That second fight scene in Rocky III is pretty bad-ass.

Posted by: Joshua on Jul. 2, 2004

I've played in bars with chicken wire around the stage. I've played in bars where the bar tab exceeded what the pay was. I've played in bars where a non-country band had to pull country tunes out of their ass in order to satisfy a potentially unruly crowd. I've talked people into doing gigs with me whil e they were working a service industry job.

I haven't had a cute brunette shoot at me with an M16 because she felt spurned. Then again I generally avoid women who like poodle shooters to begin with. However according to my g/f I'm working on knocking that off my list of "things in my life that parellel the Blues Borthers".

So for me the film is funny because while some of the antics seem absurd they're believable if you travel in the right (or worng) circles.

Course if I ever walk into a greasy spoon & 'Retha is singing I won't say I'll be upset. :)

It's kinda like Spinal Tap - the more you know about the music biz the funnier it is. I can see how someone would think either is a bit boring, but I can also see how ome people would think Python;s :The Holy Grail" isn't funny even though I still find parts of it hysterical.

Oh, I'm just wondering about something you said in relation to Rocky II...I thought it was illegal in California to even say "15 rounds" or "protecting yourself" let alone using both in the same sentence? (yes, bad gun puns are not beneath me) :D

Posted by: Publicola on Jul. 2, 2004

rocky theme music is what will always live on in my mind about the movies.

Posted by: Dave on Jul. 2, 2004

Raging Bull...

Happy 4th everyone.

Posted by: Col Steve on Jul. 3, 2004

It's not a y-chromosome defect, it's a feature. This also applies for the movie Animal House, which all real men love too. And the Three Stooges.

Posted by: Jim on Jul. 3, 2004

"It must be some defect in the y chromosome that makes you love it so much because - face it - that movie really sucks. . . ."


Posted by: Matt on Jul. 4, 2004

It must be some defect in the y chromosome that makes you love it so much...

Actually, I think that it is a genetic short circuit caused by having two X chromosomes that causes women to not love The Blues Brothers. It, quite simply, is one of the funniest movies ever filmed. Period.

Posted by: Jerry on Jul. 6, 2004

annika, you are, as usual, absolutely correct. The Blues Brothers sucks donkey dick.

Posted by: Victor on Jul. 6, 2004

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