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June 24, 2004

Sports Headlines You'll Never See



Betcha no sportspage editor would have the guts to do it.

Posted by annika, Jun. 24, 2004 |
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Spellchecker, anyone?

Posted by: Shelly S. on Jun. 24, 2004

Sports page no, but you, too, may have a career writing headlines for the front page of the New York Post.

Posted by: Dave J on Jun. 24, 2004

I watched the final tiebreaker in this match, and I have a wardrobe question-- what kind of bra were these women wearing?

Both women have attractive breasts which are appropriate to their bodies. It would be unusual to see such thin women with larger breasts. For all I know, larger breasts might even hinder athletic performance a bit-- I don't know. But I'm watching the tiebreaker, and I'm looking at a 4 nipple show. Were these women even wearing bras? If so, why would athletes choose such sheer bras? These thin and athletic women do not have immense breasts- but you would think they would want very solid support when they are being so athletic. Now that I'm watching women in all kinds of sports- from soccer to volleyball to table tennis championships- I think this is a legitimate topic for discussion.

Posted by: gcotharn on Jun. 24, 2004

BTW- Can't get your headline out of my head. An all-time classic.

Posted by: gcotharn on Jun. 24, 2004

Jeez gcotharn, let it go, and enjoy the sport. They're so much more fun to watch than the guys.

Posted by: Casca on Jun. 24, 2004

Shelly-- Sprem\'s the surname of Venus\'s opponent.


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Jun. 25, 2004

(I have no idea why those damn slashes appeared in my post, either.)


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Jun. 25, 2004

Now I'm watching Hantikova(sic) vs. Sharikova(sic), and it's pretty much the same story as Venus vs Sprem. Hantikova and Sharikova are both wearing tennis dress/outfits from Nike. You can see that they have on some type of bras, which may even be built into the dress/outfits. The dress fabric is very sheer and stretchy on the top part of the outfits-- sort of like a one piece bathing suit. I guess this is just the next generation of tennis dress/outfits, and it gets the job done that needs to be done. It's hard to call these tennis dresses. To me, they are a hybrid between a tennis dress and a one-piece swimsuit.

As to the previous criticism of my post, I notice I did use the term "breast" quite a few times. Big deal. It was just a dashed off 30 second comment, and I get to focus on breasts because I'm a man. If you prefer men who don't focus on breasts, well, good luck to you. I think equal rights means I can comment on tennis attire when the mood strikes me!

Posted by: gcotharn on Jun. 25, 2004


Posted by: Harvey on Jun. 25, 2004

It was disappointing to read ESPN doing everything it could to discredit (the unfortunately named) Sprem.

Posted by: Dan on Jun. 25, 2004

Excellent effort, Annie. I'll be chuckling the rest of the day here at work.

Posted by: physics geek on Jun. 28, 2004