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June 23, 2004

Sal's Famous

Although i make a damn good California style with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese on Boboli, when dining out i'm firmly on the side of New York style in this controversy.

Chicago-style pizza vs. New York-style. What's the difference? And what about other styles - Neapolitan, Sicilian, Californian?

Every pizza style has a devoted following. If you want to start a heated discussion, just tell a fan of New York-style that you prefer deep dish.

Where do you come down?

Posted by annika, Jun. 23, 2004 |
Rubric: Arts


Deep Dish. Not Pizza Hut style, where the crust is a thick wedge of bread, but rather Uno's style where the crust really is like a pie, with high sloping sides to hold in the layers upon layers of sauce, cheese, and toppings.

I'm also very very partial to Cassano's style, which is more a party pizza with a thin very crisp crust cut into small squares rather than wedges, its also salty.

Posted by: Mythilt on Jun. 23, 2004

New York style, no question. I like to be able to fold my pizza if I so choose. All that dough is just a waste, because for me, the dough is just a crispy vehicle used to bring the delicious cheese and sauce to my mouth.

Posted by: ginger on Jun. 23, 2004

A pox upon all pizza, but New York style pizza. I need my pizza dripping with grease and the cheese sliding off. Folding is key too--right on, Ginger.

Posted by: Andy Mac Donald on Jun. 23, 2004

Uh, I meant to write: "A pox upon all pizzas types, except for New York style pizzas." Where's my editor-oh, he's right here.

Posted by: Andy Mac Donald on Jun. 23, 2004


As a native Chicagoan, I love Uno or Due's deep dish Spinacoli, not to mention Lou Malnati's sauce. Awesome.

However, I do like NY style, the kind you can fold and stuff in you face.

Pizza, a beautiful thing, wouldn't you agree?

Posted by: Joe on Jun. 23, 2004

Silly Rabbit, it really IS all good. Like sex, whent it's good it's good, and when it's bad, it's still good.

Posted by: Casca on Jun. 23, 2004

When I can get it, Chicago-style deep dish, hands-down. But like Casca said, there's no such thing as bad pizza. (Or at least no bad style of pizza. There are a gifted few who somehow manage to fuck up a pie, though.)

Full disclosure: I grew up a bit more than two hours east of Chicago.

Posted by: Matt Rustler on Jun. 23, 2004

I do like it all, too. Zachary's Chicago-style deep dish or NY. Hot or cold for breakfast or dinner. Sorry, I can't choose just one.

Posted by: d-rod on Jun. 23, 2004

The Brits sure know how to fuck up a good pizza. When i lived in London, the only place i could find a decent pizza was at the cafeteria of the Imperial College.

Posted by: annika! on Jun. 24, 2004

Fucking? Pizzia?? Oh, ya gotta go with the anchovie and garlic. It's the lover's special. After you both eat that, everything tastes good. I'm having one this weekend.

Posted by: Casca on Jun. 24, 2004

"The Brits sure know how to fuck up a good pizza. When i lived in London, the only place i could find a decent pizza was at the cafeteria of the Imperial College." HMMM..........

We have great Pizza we just hide it all from the tourists!! We got great Asian food, Great world wide food, hell, we got great everything here now.

I just dont remeber the getting a great English Breakfast last time i was in NEW YORK or LA!!

Horses for courses i think................

Posted by: BASSLONDON on Mar. 21, 2005