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June 22, 2004


Today we took a trip down J Street for lunch at one of those eateries in the hip district of Sacramento, where the tatooed college students hang out. i happened to see a stenciled picture of President Bush that had been spraypainted on the sidewalk, with the words "bad man" underneath. i said to my co-workers, "Why is it that you never see any conservative vandalism?" The consensus was that conservatives generally try to follow the law. i replied that it's not against the law to vandalize if the ACLU is always there to get you off scott free. But they'll only do so if your message is anti-American or anti-Republican.

When i got back to the office, i happened to check out a blog that i visit less often than i should: Jen Speaks. Coincidentally Jen linked to this story about a kid who fought the liberal stranglehold on free thought at his public high school using one of the left's favorite weapons: agitprop. It's hilarious. As you can probably guess, his communist sympathizing teachers and a few "useful idiot" classmates did not take too kindly to a student who questioned their monopoly on speech.

[J]ust when we posted about 200 of our 500 signs, we heard a rustling around the corner. Upon investigating the noise, we found a fellow student tearing the signs from the wall and ripping them into shreds. We made no attempt to stop her, but she quickly abandoned her pursuit when I removed my camera from my backpack. Apparently, her being conscious of her own hypocrisy was not enough to prevent her from forcibly suppressing our dissenting point-of-view. But facing the prospect that others might be made aware of her hypocrisy, and it's cut-and-run. Typical.
It's funny to watch the lefties when their ideas are challenged using their own tactics. That "chill wind" actually blows more strongly from the left, contrary to what Tim Robins might believe.

i was so energized by the kid's story, and his chutzpa, that i think i just may return to that hip college area of town with some agitprop of my own. His five tips at the end of the article are very similar to Gandhi's protest philosophy, satyagraha.

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During my junior year of college, Ohio State '81, I worked in a bar on campus, so I'd be walking home more or less sober in the wee hours. One early morning, I happened on members of the "Red Communist Youth Brigade" pasting their posters on anything they'd stick to. Now I really mean pasting, so they went on wet, so if you followed right behind, you could peal them right off, and being the patriotic mofo that I've always been, I did so. Well the commies, who weren't that youthful, were quite indignant, and threatened to call the coppers on me. I suggested that the cops might not be on their side, and they slunk away, hehehehe. I wonder where they are now... oh yeah.

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Thanks for the link, Annika!

Posted by: jen on Jun. 23, 2004

nice story, thanks for the link

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