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June 18, 2004

Is It Becoming Clearer Now?

Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, Paul Johnson. Is it becoming clearer now?

Not that i want to see any video of this one, because i don't, but there are apparently some stills out there. Will we respond in kind to this barbarity, or will we just get used to it?

Half of us want to kick ass until these vermin are extinguished. The other half want to hold hands, sing cumbaya and let it go on. What will it take to wake up those fools?

Posted by annika, Jun. 18, 2004 |
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I hope it is getting clearer. Everyday I find myself wondering when the rest of this country, AND world, will wake up to the fact that what we are seeing is the start of a religious war between Islam and everyone else.

With the help of a PC motivated media we bury our heads in the sand everytime something like this happens and pretend that it is an "isolated" incident. It is not. We are at war with Islam. They know it, the Israelies know it to an extent, but Europe and the US are fast asleep at the wheel.

Europe has fought this war before and should know better. We need to be smart enough to learn from history.

Posted by: The Agnostic on Jun. 18, 2004


Until the media starts showing video of these atrocities on American TV, the "other" half will get used to it and remain asleep. Everyone needs to see exactly what type of animal we are dealing with.

Posted by: The Agnostic on Jun. 18, 2004

With apologies to Mrs. Steen, who taught me math in elementary school, I'm in the third half:

Islam has many faces; just as I would not want (as a Christian) to be judged by the likes of Jerry Falwell, I won't judge Islam by the likes of these thugs who did this to Paul Johnson. Want to read aboout moderate Islam? Check out http://www.muslimwakeup.com/info/

Islam has its nuts and its fruits just as we who follow the cross do...

Posted by: Hugo on Jun. 18, 2004

In answer to your question sweets, the round has to hit inside their comfort area. And knowing God's sense of humor as I do, I'm glad that I'm not a liberal these days.

Posted by: Casca on Jun. 18, 2004

I checked out the "moderate" Islamic site that "head in the clouds" Hugo recommeded and see no condemnation of terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah - just anti-U.S. diatribes, lies and opposition to the liberation of Iraq.

Some pro-gay positions thrown in just obscure the clear case that the religion of peace basically endorses the beheadings of infidels.

Posted by: d-rod on Jun. 19, 2004


I'll give you that all the muslims in the US are "moderate". I'll give the Islamic Society of North America that there are 10 million muslims in the US (http://www.isna.net/news/default.asp?mode=shownews&id=336). So one percent of the muslims in this world are moderate. ONE out of ONE HUNDRED muslims don't want you dead. Wow. Mrs. Steen would tell you that 990 million fruits and nuts makes a hell of a party tray. The 10 million moderates are meaningless.

Posted by: The Agnostic on Jun. 19, 2004

Agnostic and D-Rod:

Do you have any Muslim friends? I do. I've been in there homes. I've fasted (briefly, I admit) with them during Ramadan. They may be many things, but they aren't "meaningless."

One thing I'll say for President Bush: Calling Islam a religion of peace, as he repeatedly has, is the single wisest thing I think he's done since 9/11. I wish all of his supporters felt as he did.

Posted by: Hugo on Jun. 19, 2004

Lord, how I hate bad grammar. "their" homes, please. Sorry.

Posted by: Hugo on Jun. 19, 2004


As a loyal reader of Annika I have come to respect your opinions on most matters, which is why I am so surprised by your last statement. Calling Islam a "religion of peace" is helping to perpetuate one of the biggest lies being told to the public today.

I too have Muslim friends here in the US. They, like your friends are moderates and even call themselves “Modern Moslems”. They are wonderful people and are deeply disturbed by what is happening in the world today. Not just the Middle East, but the world.

Islam is, at root, a violent religion, and unlike other religions, still has a middle ages mentality. Racial superiority, un-acceptance of other peoples/religions, dhimmi-tud, are all concepts that everyone else has come to accept as destructive. Islam has refused to move on, except for the small minority community of “Modern Moslems” that, for the most part, resides in the US.

I feel bad for the one percent of good American Moslems, but to propagate through the media the falsehood that Islam is a religion of peace, just for the sake of the few moderns, is a huge danger to the world. Do not think that just because the “nice” Moslem friend of yours is a good person, all of them are. There is a religious war taking place, as we write, all over the world. And it’s not the Christians this time.

Wake up before it’s too late. 99 out of 100 Moslems want you Dead. Or living as 2nd class citizens. Which do you prefer? Of course our modern Moslem friends would pay the price as well.

Posted by: The Agnostic on Jun. 19, 2004

Agnostic, thanks for your kind words.

Let's think about it another way. Islam is, more or less, 1400 years old. Where was Western Christianity 1400 years after its inception? Locked in violence and oppression, still trying out the Crusades (until the end of the 15th century). Did 99 out of 100 Christians in 1453 want Muslims dead? I suspect so!

Faiths evolve over time. Christianity and Judaism too have had their appallingly violent periods. Wise folks differentiate between the core teachings of the faith, and even majority interpretations of those faiths. Should our Savior tarry, we will see a far gentler Islam in the centuries to come, I am convinced.

Why, do you suppose, has Bush bent over backwards to insist on Islam being a religion of peace? Is the right's hero misinformed? Or is he bowing to his Saudi friends? I'm curious to hear how conservatives spin the president's own words on Islam...


Posted by: Hugo on Jun. 19, 2004


Yes, I have Muslim friends and have been in their homes. I really don't know what that has to do with anything. I even had a Iranian roommate for a year who was an political dissident. I've been treated to fabulous hospitality in Morocco and Turkey and enjoy their culture immensely. I also ran into another old Iranian friend on the street the other day who could very well be financing al Qaeda with the wealth he has accumulated since living in this country (he owns around 40 apartments in the Bay Area).

I disagree with Bush (hero???) on a lot of things, but think it was good for him to say Islam is a RoP even though it's not true. Don't you know BUSH LIES!!!

When you look at the core teachings of a faith you have to look at what the texts actually say. People spin Christianity around every which way these days and most people could care less (which is good).

Cheers to you too.

Posted by: d-rod on Jun. 19, 2004


Faiths do evolve. Most of the time, with help from other faiths, i.e. war. It took Hiroshima and Nagisaki to "evolve" the Japanese. Talk about an eye opener. As brutal as WWII and the atom bobm was, the idea of racial superiority died in Japan in 1945.

Posted by: The Agnostic on Jun. 19, 2004

-Surely you jest. Are you really prepared to wait a couple of centuries for the murderous islamo-fanatics to mellow?
-So what if their religion has only been around for 14 centuries, do they get a pass for ritualistic mutilation, honor killing, suicide bombing, and the barbaric execution of the innocent, until the end of the 22nd century.
-Whether the christians and jews were also violent has no bearing on the current situation; it's a spurious point. There were times when the christians needed their collective ass kicked for things they allowed to happen in the name of their religion. But if I employ your logic, the thousands killed by Tomas de Torquemada should've found comfort knowing the christians would be much nicer in the centuries ahead.
-It's also strange that you would draw a comparison between Falwell and some violent animal executing an innocent man. Sure Falwell is a nut, a loud, self righteous nut who probably does a disservice to his christian cause any time he opens his mouth, but how's that cognate with a group of murdering savages. I'll tender a suggestion, next time compare the islamo-goons to say Eric Robert Rudolf or Charly Manson.
-Yeah the jig's up Hugo; nobody could be as kind and blissfully suicidal as you pretend. So I've caught you, pull off the mask imposter and state your business. Who do we have, tell me .... no wait, I'll guess... a potege of Dr. Leonard Peikoff ... no perhaps it's Newt or maybe Horrowitz.

Posted by: Jasen on Jun. 20, 2004

I don't think Hugo is wearing a mask or is a protege of anybody (esp. not a Pub.) His beliefs are genuine IMO.

Posted by: d-rod on Jun. 20, 2004

Let's remember who started this war..
First you fought your own battles in Muslims lands. Then you colonized them. Then you planted a cancer (Israel) in them, then you steal their oil, then you invade their countries....now you are pissed and say Islam is evil. You are fucking evil!!

Posted by: Jesus on Jun. 22, 2004

And another thing, you fuckers dropped 2 a-bombs on innocent people, killing thousands.....you fucking wasted bastards..

Posted by: Jesus on Jun. 22, 2004

Sorry Jesus - your oppressors are all other Arabs.

Posted by: d-rod on Jun. 22, 2004

Wow , I don't know what to say other than I've enjoyed reading all of your perspectives and opinions in re: to Islam , holy wars , Christianity etc...... bottom line , there are far too many innocent American/Coalition soldiers, and believe me there are more than you would believe who don't want to be over there in Iraq , dyiing because one man lied and took it upon himself (and the country followed) and went to war. Not to mention the innocent Iraqi children who don't have a say so , one way or another who are constantly being slaughtered. When Jesus (not heh'seus) judges this world , make sure your own side of the street is clean

Posted by: kaytay on Jun. 23, 2004

Hey Jesus
maybe we should just drop a few more of those old bombs you refered too and end all of the bullshit!

Posted by: mike on Jun. 23, 2004