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June 12, 2004

Reagan Memorial Week, Final Impressions

Whatever else you can say about this week, i think it's been a seven day long commercial for the Republican Party. Tremble Democrats, because countless young people watching the proceedings are almost certainly going to grow up to be Republicans.

Nancy Reagan handled everything with a selfless grace and dignity that should set an example for us all.

i love Michael Reagan. He seems like a really decent and kindhearted man.

When the Democrats act like pessimistic crybabies again, starting next week i should think, your average American will remember the pride he or she felt during the week of Reagan's remembrance.

Looking at the tens of thousands of people who waited 5+ hours on both coasts, just to pay their respects where the President's body lied in state, i was struck by how many hundreds of thousands there were, myself included, who would have done the same if they could.

And looking at the thousands of people who lined the route from Point Mugu N.A.S. to Simi Valley, just to show their gratitude, i was struck by the fact that we may all owe our lives to that great man. Maybe there's no way i can prove that, but can you prove it's not true?

President Bush managed to put a former president, a former prime minister and the heir to the throne of Great Britain to sleep. That's power.

The musical performances at the Cathedral service on Friday were outstanding, particularly the choral version of Jerusalem, both versions of the Battle Hymn and the very moving recessional music.

The two most heart-wrenching moments for me were when George H. W. Bush got choked up for a moment, and when Nancy Reagan, surrounded by her family, said a final goodbye to her husband, who loved her so very much.

Did you see John Kerry whisper something in Bill Clinton's ear before the Cathedral Service, then hold his finger up to his lips? What sort of conspiracy are they cooking up?

Ronald Reagan was both a good man and a great man. i fear that the world owes him a debt that cannot be repayed. i am grateful that he lived, and for his many gifts to us all. But now that he's gone, i don't see anyone that even comes close to his goodness and his greatness. And that makes me afraid for the future.

Posted by annika, Jun. 12, 2004 |
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It does raise interesting questions, Annika, about who the GOP has lined up for 2008, assuming that Bush wins re-election. Cheney is a no go. No one else in the administration is nationally electable. McCain is too much of a wild card, and ain't no way Jebbie can pull it off (we don't like dynasties that much!) Y'all don't seem to have a very "deep bench"...

Posted by: Hugo on Jun. 12, 2004

The Dems apparently don't have a particularly deep bench, either, Hugo, if all they could come up with was Mike Dukakis's former Lt. Governor. I mean, just think for a second about the electoral stupidity of that.

Jeb is smarter than his brother in some senses, but he's neither as good a politician nor as effective a manager: he owes his own job in large part to the fact that the Florida Democratic Party not only doesn't have a deep bench, but does have a talent for self-destruction. Put him in with the rest of the potential 2008 field and I'd be surprised to see him get through the GOP primary: if I had to put out one name to keep an eye on, it'd be Colorado governor Bill Owens. Of course, if Giuliani wanted to run in 2008, I think he'd be a lock, especially if any of the rumors prove true and Cheney bows out in his favor for face-saving "health concerns."

I'll go out on a limb and counter the conventional wisdom by betting that Jeb won't even run in 2008. I'd expect him to run against Bill Nelson for his US Senate seat in 2006 and that'd definitely be a close race: win or lose, he wouldn't shoot for the White House only two years later.

Posted by: Dave J on Jun. 12, 2004

What did Ron Reagan say about Bush?

Posted by: Karol on Jun. 12, 2004

I suspect you'll see Cheney resign mid-way through a second term so the party can set up the next nominee because the GOP won't want a long and expensive primary given Hillary will have amassed her own large war chest...lots of folks inside the beltway whisper about Tom Ridge stepping in to be the VP.

Posted by: Col Steve on Jun. 12, 2004

Also, I'd like to extend a plug to the tremendous job by members of the military, especially the Old Guard soldiers and their counterparts from the other services and the Coast Guard.

The General who escorted Nancy Reagan is the Commander of the Military District of Washington - a former boss of mine and a great Christian, mentor, and leader.

Posted by: Col Steve on Jun. 12, 2004

Hey! Who spilled the beans about the platform?!

Posted by: Matt on Jun. 12, 2004

The Memorial was put together very well. There were images that would make John Ford(the director) very proud. One did get the impression that you were watching the end of a 1950's era Western. It certainly did set s new standard for high profile Memorials in the age of TV! Did anyone catch that the recessional song from the National Cathedral was from the movie "We were Soldiers"?

Posted by: Lawguy on Jun. 12, 2004

Where have you guys been? No bench? What, is Rudy Giuliani, a potted plant? Ridge is good, but what about George Allen and Mitt Romney?

I think that the Dem's are the ones without a bench...they've got the Wicked Witch of New York (Ex Washinton D.C., Arkansas, Illinios and G_d knows wherever else) and then who?

It's gonna be fun watching the Clintons fake it, professing to support Kerry while dreading the thought of him actually winning, thus putting her eight years away from a shot at the White House.

Hey, this is better than any opera I've ever seen...

Posted by: shelly s. on Jun. 13, 2004

Karol, Ron Reagan said:

"Dad was also a deeply, unabashedly religious man. But he never made the fatal mistake of so many politicians wearing his faith on his sleeve to gain political advantage. True, after he was shot and nearly killed early in his presidency, he came to believe that God had spared him in order that he might do good. But he accepted that as a responsibility, not a mandate. And there is a profound difference."

Posted by: annika! on Jun. 14, 2004

Mega. Dittos.

Posted by: Scof on Jun. 14, 2004

I that the recessional music was great too, so I looked it up. It is called the "Mansions of the Lord", and it was originally recorded by the USMC Glee Club for the rolling credits of "We Were Soldiers". Excellent choice to end the funeral of a great man.

Posted by: javaslinger on Jun. 14, 2004

USMC Glee Club???? Not the Marine Corps I was in. So much for "Don't ask, don't tell".

Posted by: Casca on Jun. 14, 2004

USMC Cadet Glee Club. My bad.

Posted by: javaslinger on Jun. 16, 2004

Should anyone be interested, the version of "Battle Hymn of the Republic" used both at the cathedral and in California was arranged by Peter Wilhousky, and is available on the Mormon Tebernacle Choir's CD "God Bless America." (Sony)

Posted by: Bob on Jun. 18, 2004