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May 21, 2004

Moxie's Memo

Moxie's Memo to the Media is short and to the point:

RE: Abuse in Iraq, we get it. No really.

. . .

From here on out we only want to see news stories about who WASN'T abused or sexually humiliated in Iraq.

We think this should lighten up your workload and allow you more time with the bottle and redistribution of wealth to the po' folks.

Why do i suddenly have a picture in my head of Jack Germond with a bottle of rye?

Posted by annika, May. 21, 2004 |
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i felt i was ready to beat down the commentator on npr this morning, smug ignorant slut that she is, she kept droning on and on about how much the prison abuse affected her on a daily basis and making absolutely ludicrious comparisons to 9/11. ugh

Posted by: Scof on May. 21, 2004

Some days that woman is PURE genius.

Posted by: candace on May. 21, 2004

Send all future NPR donations to Moxtopia.

Posted by: d-rod on May. 21, 2004

There is more rape going on in Massachussets prisons than in Iraqi ones.

Posted by: gturk on May. 22, 2004