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May 13, 2004

Four Tenths Of A Second!

What is it about So Cal teams and the last minute, come from behind, miracle shot?



Update: Read ESPN's Page 2 column: "Livin la vida Lakers."

Posted by annika, May. 13, 2004 |
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I was in a room full of Spurs fans (well, really just one). It was terrifyingly silent, mere moments after the screams of joy.

Posted by: other Annika on May. 13, 2004

No kidding! What a dramatic game.

Tried to email you earlier, but your email address apparently isn't working. I've blogged about some "beneath the surface" circumstances that surround Nicholas Berg's death, and I think you'd be interested.

Also, been blogging up a storm, and I'm proud of my posts, if you want to scroll. I love to write. I'm sort of compelled to write. Blogging has improved my (amateur) writing so much!

Congrats on the Laker game!


Posted by: gcotharn in Texas on May. 13, 2004

what a great game

and nice work getting all those pictures together so quickly!

this was the game of the year.

Posted by: tony on May. 14, 2004

While the last minute was exciting, everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that the game, as a whole, was LOUSY. Both teams were inept on offense, and the Lakers were horrible the last quarter and a half. Shaq looked asleep, Malone disappeared after the first quarter, Kobe was sucking air--outside the last 30 seconds, the game was terrible. Neither team deserved to win.

Posted by: DBrooks on May. 14, 2004

As a Spurs fan I must admit that it took at least an hour for me to get my head to stop spinning.

Screw the Lakers. Los Angeles is the devil's playground and they represent Satan as far as I'm concerned. Go Spurs, go!

Jason H.
Austin, Texas

Posted by: Jason H on May. 14, 2004

well, i'm not a fan of either team, but it sure seemed obvious that the catch and shoot took longer than .4. san antonio's gripe is legit, but human error is part of the game. gotta live with it. regardless, hell of shot by fisher. in fact, hell of shot by kobe, then duncan, then fisher. crappy game but great finish.

Posted by: blu on May. 14, 2004

The clock may have started late, but on the previous play, it stopped late. Jackson asked for more time, but didn't get it. So it all evened out, imho.

Posted by: annika! on May. 14, 2004

The only part of the game I was able to watch? The last second. My lord it was worth it. Just jumped right off the couch and was yelling my head off.

Posted by: Scof on May. 14, 2004