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May 11, 2004

The True Atrocities

The true atrocities are being commited by our enemies, not by us.


But i pray that they will yet know the terrible retribution that awaits them. We must remain strong.

Strengthen the feeble hands,
steady the knees that give way;
say to those with fearful hearts,
'Be strong, do not fear;
your God will come,
he will come with vengeance;
with divine retribution
he will come to save you.'

[Isaiah 35:3-4]
Be strong.

Angry Update: What the hell's wrong with you people?! They fucking beheaded one of our guys! They fucking filmed it. i'm looking around the blogosphere and no-one, save Michele (God bless her), has a fucking word to say about it. Instapundit thinks it's only worth a measly line. Where's the Rottweiler? Where's Finch? Where's DuToit? Where's Lucas? i wanna see some rage, something, anything. Is everybody asleep, too shocked to care? The media will let this slip by if they can. i bet it won't be the lead on tonight's news. i bet it won't make tomorrow's front page. It's up to us to publicize this horror, people. Vent the outrage that the vast majority of non-blogging Americans are feeling right now. Just fucking say something!

Update 2: The Rottweiler checks in. Serenity checks in. Moxie checks in. Zomby too. And Reynolds deems it worthy of a few more lines. Sarah groks. So do Peter and Karol. LGF describes the video for those, like me, who can't watch it. Also, go read Will and Stephen at Vodkapundit. Then of course, there's Lileks. Tom draws strength from Churchill. See also Misha's second take, and Paul's take, and especially Banagor's "The Rage."

And many thanks go to my good friends at Candied Ginger for their link. Please read Candace's piece, perhaps the best of the lot on this tragedy.

As always, Wizbang was on top of it right away. But this morning's post disappoints me. Today is not a day for bikinis.

Sadly, the liberal bloggers that i read regularly have all chosen to ignore this atrocity. It's not a matter of left vs. right, Bush vs. not-Bush. Nick Berg was an American. How can anyone ignore his murder? It was intended as a message to all of us. A noteworthy piece at etalkinghead may explain why the only blogs that want to talk about Nick Berg seem to be on the right.

Posted by annika, May. 11, 2004 |
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Outrage? From OUR press? Are you nuts? They only get outraged when WE cut off someone's fingernail or hair.

Oh, the beheading? They are just misunderstood; we need to treat them a little better.

When will our media get it that these are really, really eveil people and need to be killed. Every fucking one of them, like snakes.

Posted by: shelly s. on May. 11, 2004

Sorry, I just heard about this an hour or two ago (workin' all day, y'know) and then posted something very brief about. I was going to post a more extensive rant, but I figired Misha had already done it better than I could.

Posted by: Tuning Spork on May. 11, 2004

Where is the outrage from the Muslim community? I'm not counting on it. The "religion of peace" is the biggest threat to the civilized world...but we are not supposed to say that because it might offend somebody. I don't want here anymore bullshit about Muslims being peace-loving people until I hear one important Muslim religious leader condem this and the thousands of other atrocities these sick, demented people have commited.

Posted by: Blu on May. 11, 2004

I watched the ABC news tonight and they are attempting to blame the beheading on the anger the Arab world feels over seeing the pictures of the prisoners. They can't even own up to these people being evil when they behead one of our men. That is just disgusting.

Posted by: Jonathan on May. 11, 2004

That doesn't surprise me Jon. Did they lead with the story, at least?

Posted by: annika! on May. 11, 2004

It really is time to introduce these people to Sherman's philosophy of war, i.e. it's hell, and as soon as we make them figure that out, we'll be close to being done.

Posted by: Casca on May. 11, 2004

Not too shocked to care... trying to find words filthy and low enough to describe the perpetrators of the atrocity done to this innocent being.

People really need to get this and your description of beheading a living human being helps drive home the enormity of the act.


Posted by: Bonfire7 on May. 11, 2004

Annika, look a Tomfoolery.


Mutted rage, but rage.

Posted by: Chuck on May. 12, 2004

I have several things to say about it. I also have the links to video if you are so inclinded.


Posted by: Tom on May. 12, 2004

i feel better knowing that many of you are angry as i am about this. i'm also surprised to see the LA Times put this story above the fold this morning. i won't buy that rag, and i'm sure the article is sufficiently tilted left-wing, but i truly expected them to bury it on page three.

Posted by: annika! on May. 12, 2004

Peter told me the news over my graduation dinner and both of us posted as soon as we got home. I'm also surprised at the lack of insta-coverage though I think we'll see more about it in the next few days.

Posted by: Karol on May. 12, 2004

As one of your readers who is further to the left, I feel the need to speak up. The thing is, I don't know what to say. I don't often blog about the war, because it upsets me to do so. I do discuss it - on online forums, at home. But I find it easier to participate in a dialogue about things like this than to make a singular statement.

I guess I'm saying that just because something isn't in my blog doesn't mean that I'm not thinking about it.

Posted by: other Annika on May. 12, 2004

To be honest, I'm not so much angry at the enemy, because you don't get angry at rabid dogs; you just shoot them.
But I am angry at those who exploit the pictures of prison abuse to their political advantage, while saying nothing about this. That's not just hypocricy; that's plain treason, and people who help the enemy should be put to trial. I am sick of the "good guys" on the left who'd rather be politically correct than human.

Posted by: Ivan Lenin on May. 12, 2004

The bikini pic was an on the way out the door quickie post, which given the tone of the day may have best been saved for later.

Posted by: Kevin on May. 12, 2004

I'm shocked, sad and angered.

There are no words. Except you know what? You said what I think. If anyone had the slimmest notion that this war is NOT about the Islamofascists against anyone who isn't, then the events of this week should prove them wrong.

It's frightening. Damned frightening. And when I'm this numb with rage and grief, I escape.

Sorry, but that's what my blog is about - for me.

Posted by: Emma on May. 12, 2004

There is bit of a distinction between state sponsored abuse and the actions of a rogue agents. Especially when the state based its invasion on removing tyranny and introduction democracry. You can't invade a foreign nation and not expect people to live up to your words.

Posted by: jim jones on May. 14, 2004


Posted by: fredhero on May. 14, 2004

Please don´t feel ofended.
The video is tricked. I´m video editor expert and FBI veteran for video works. The movie is the worst quality for webcams and reading the file with the most advanced tools for video editing I have four questions:

1. Where is the compression header of file for video files?

2. Not blood flow (maybe in the 326 missing frames on the long video) where is the blood?.

3. The screams is not in movement-audio sincrony (why the voice is in right sincrony but not the murder and the screams?).

4. In the head exposition (where is the blood?). In adition, in this part of video, with the video editing tools reveals most of 100 frames missing.

My personal opinion with forense support is:
This is a propaganda movie with the only goal for "war on terror" support. Please our president is a puppet member of a very powerful gang of killers, but they think about the all american people like an standar serie of Simpson Homer.

If Nick Berg is Dead, God bless him.
If youre are alive, take your money for a complete change of face and give some to your family.

The FBI veterans are not killers

Posted by: Edward Maddox on May. 17, 2004

Interesting comment, Edward Maddox. How long have you been speaking English. You should brush up on your grammar, it might help your credibility just a tad. Good luck spamming!

Posted by: annika on May. 17, 2004

Despite Maddox's grammar... those are very apparent and damning questions? You have no response? Come on... the most obvious one is the blood, or lack thereof of commensurate amounts.

And just to give you something else to chew on (probably me in your response) - Or how about this one... when the first photos and reports of prisoner abuse (in Afghanistan and Guantanemo) were released to the public by the US. government last year why did the administration do nothing about it?

Posted by: rainlion on May. 20, 2004

i'm not sure it's true that the administration "did nothing about it." But if it is, you won't catch me defending them on the Abu Ghraib scandal. While i personally don't think we were hard enough on the fucks, there is such a thing as Geneva.

But in regards to your "questions" about the Berg video. Why do you even have questions. After Daniel Pearl, and everything else, is it so hard to believe that a terrorist would behead a guy? Why are you so eager to play the hoax card on this one? What is the point? You don't give an alternate theory. Are you trying to say that the CIA killed Berg? If so, you're going to have trouble convincing reasonable people of it.

Just because people can come up with questions does not mean that they're always reasonable questions. i can come up with good questions about whether the earth is round, whether evolution is true, whether we landed on the moon. Doesn't mean they're reasonable questions to ask.

i didn't watch the video. i did see stills, and i saw enough blood in the stills to convince me. Then again, i've never seen anyone beheaded before, so i don't have a frame of reference. Do you?

It's hard for me to decipher Maddox's "questions" because his english skills are so poor. Is he saying there are 100 missing frames or is he saying 326? (That's like the number of communists in the state department according to McCarthy. The number keeps changing.) The voice is not in "sincrony" because he's watching it over the internet. It's called streaming video. Someone who doesn't know how to spell "synchronization" probably doesn't make enough money to afford broadband.

On the lack of blood, use your head to figure this one out. The heart pumps blood, not the head. The brain contains tiny blood vessels, blood is not going to pour out of them quickly. Certainly it's not going to gush. The only large vessels coming out of the head are the arteries and veins like the carotid and the jugular. These are going to drain (not gush) blood right away, probably as soon as they are severed. That probably happened early in the process of cutting the head off. By the time the whole neck was severed, the blood from inside the skull was probably dripping in drops too small to show clearly in the low quality video. Even still, i saw evidence of dripping blood in the stills i saw, when they held Berg's head up to the camera.

Look, if it's a hoax, perpetrated by the CIA or Mossad, or whoever you want to blame it on, don't you think it would be more perfect? The fact that there are little flaws (like strange edits) suggests to me that it's authentic. If it were a hoax, the perpetrators would want to avoid giving people reason to doubt the video's authenticity.

And come on. Maddox says he's an FBI veteran? Right. He couldn't even fill out an application, let alone pass a written test. If the very first line in his comment is an outright lie, why give any credence to the rest of it.

Posted by: annika! on May. 20, 2004