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April 25, 2004

The Blog Warehouse

Sunday night seems to be the perfect night to cruise the blogosphere* and check out new stuff. Here's some of the good stuff i found tonight.

. . . Robofrost. i like his take on Dallas radio.

The thing about driving Dallas and its inevitably clogged highway arteries is that the Metroplex's radio stations freakin' rock, and rock hard. When I first scanned through my rental car's 10 FM radio presets, at least five blasted the bejeezus out me with heavy unadulterated loud-ass rock 'n' roll guitar. Classic, alternative, straight-up rock — you name it. Even the Christian rock station, 89.7 Power FM, completely rocked my balls off. It's nowhere near the same in cosmic cowboy Austin, so it was a blast to throw open the moon roof and rattle the asphalt and irritate some tightly wound Dallas yuppies and Range Rover soccer moms.
i don't know if that's true or not; the last time i was in Dallas, i think i was listening to country, or western, i can't remember. i was 13 at the time. But i will say, L.A. rock radio sucks, compared to almost any metropolitan area you want to name. Anyways, Robofrost's blog is pretty fresh, with some cool pictures, too. . . .

. . . Mike at Virginia Patriots explains why Iraqi mosques can be a legitimate target. . . .

. . . Matt Armstrong of Paste Magazine's blog sheds some light on an e-mail spam quirk i blogged about here. . . .

. . . All About Latvia reports that while Latvia debates its continued involvement in Iraq, the Latvian foreign minister denied a visa to an Al-Jazeera reporter without explanation. Good. If you ask me, the fact that he was from Al-Jazeera is reason enough. And in other Baltic news, Estonian blogger Tall Blonde reports an interesting statistic:

15% россиян не знают, кто такой Ленин
Scroll down to April 23 for the translation. It's Glogspot, and there don't seem to be any permalinks. . . .

. . . Snazzykat unilaterally declares this week Blogger Love-in Week!

Today - and the days hereafter (because love shouldn't be limited to one day if you don't come across this until Tuesday!) - is the start of Blogger Love-in Week. Go to each of the blogs you read and tell them why you love them so much. Then come back here and let us know you're a part of the love-in, which is sort of like a sit-in but with a lot more touchy-feely action goin' on.
i'm lagging in my own Ecosystem stats, so i thought maybe i should compose a nice blog comment spam bomb to lay on you all. Something personal like "i love you [man][girlfriend][blogger of unknown gender]! And here's why: [_______]."

Then i thought, bad idea. Spamming blogs with comments might cause someone to accuse me of being a "male college student capitalizing on cute pictures of his girlfriend" in order to raise my popularity on the blogosphere.

i think i'll just stick to trackback begging. (Ooops) . . .

* Some bloggers may shy away from the term "blogosphere," but i think it's quite descriptive.

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Trackbacks work every time...

I always suspected that this was a "Frank J." project, if you know what I mean... Funny how the two of you have never been seen together.

Posted by: Kevin on Apr. 25, 2004

Ah, but we have!

Posted by: annika on Apr. 25, 2004

I just listen to NPR in the mornings, Rush or Hannity when I can, and occassionally the 80's/90's mix station or country. It is better than LA and, for that matter, anything in Arizona. ...Most of the time though, I enjoy the cd player: thousands of mp3's in the order I want to hear w/ no commercials.

Posted by: Scof on Apr. 26, 2004

I read daily, and I love you. Hurrah for love-in week.

Posted by: Hugo on Apr. 26, 2004

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