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April 19, 2004

You're Not Even Safe After They Kill You

Even after they kill you, the terrorists want to find your body and desecrate it. This is the type of people we should appease? i don't think so.

The body of a Spanish police officer who was killed in a raid on suspected Islamic terrorists was removed from its tomb Sunday night, dragged across a cemetery, doused with gasoline and burned, a Spanish police official told CNN.
i don't want to hear anyone saying that we need to understand why the hate us, that they're just fighting for their own freedom, or that we are in any way responsible for what these demons are trying to do to the civilized world. They are evil, plain and simple. In fact evil isn't a strong enough word.

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Posted by annika, Apr. 19, 2004 |
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We know why they hate us. Anyone who doesn't get that must own the rosiest rose-colored glasses in the world.

I'm thinking it's a matter of time until the civilized world--the coalition--will not stand for any more of this kind of stuff and will take decisive action in its own inimitable way.

There's no way we'll tolerate 10th Century totalitarianism, 'cause that's what were talking about.

Eloquence means nothing.

Posted by: joe on Apr. 19, 2004

I have always believed that there were two sides to every story, but I am not too sure I can see the other side of this one. But then my sister sent me something today that was intended to be humorous, that actually does shed some light onto the mind process of these Islamic terrorists. Their fanatical religious leaders have robbed them of everything that makes life enjoyable and promise them everything they could ever wish for should they die in an effort to promote the religious ideology of their leaders. By making death more attractive than life, they have created an Army of fanatical martyrs. However, I have yet to see the Islamic text that promises 72 virgins for desecrating the graves of your enemy.

Posted by: Tiger on Apr. 19, 2004

Two sides to every story has the hidden message that both sides are of comparable validity and are equally deserving of a hearing. Ain't necessarily so.

Posted by: Lee on Apr. 19, 2004

You folks have it all wrong; there is a way to stop the killing and the terrorism. We all just need to convert to Islam.

Annika, go get fitted for your burka, be sure to get shoes to match. Forget the education; stay home unless escorted by a male. Be examined and treated by doctors using a mirror, so they don't look directly upon you. Blogging gets you flogging.

The rest of us get the 72 virgins.

Unfortunately, they all look like Janet Reno.

Posted by: shelly s. on Apr. 20, 2004

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