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March 18, 2004

Lying Sack Of Shit Professor

Sorry, that's how i feel about lying sack of shit "professor" Kerri Dunn of Claremont McKenna College. CMC is a local, highly rated university, which now has a bit of a credibility issue, thanks to "professor" Dunn.

Dunn claimed that her car had been vandalized while she was speaking at an on campus event about hate crimes.

The windows were broken, the tires were slashed, and the body of the vehicle was spray painted with various racial and homophobic epithets.
A big brouhaha ensued, the police and the FBI were called in to investigate, CMC was closed down along with the other four sister schools of the Claremont Colleges. People ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, wailing about a "crisis" of hate crimes.

Then it was revealed that lying sack of shit professor vandalized her own car and made a fraudulent police report about the incident. This Powerline essay contains the best blog coverage of this outrage, with pictures of the loser. Infinite Monkeys' commentary is also a must read. Ben's money quote is this:

Understand . . . that there really is a war of ideas being waged in the United States and around the world today. The self-styled forces of 'progress' believe that justice is on their side. And they'll lie and cheat to make damned certain of it.
People like Dunn believe that the ends justify the means. They're so convinced that they have to take action on their pet causes, raise consciousness, fight the fight, that they end up shooting themselves in the foot by their own lack of morals and ethics.

Legitimate hate crimes do occur. Now this bitch just singlehandedly cast a shadow of doubt on all such future incidents, legit or otherwise. i wonder if the KKK and various neo-nazi groups will be sending her a thank you note. They should, she's done them quite a favor.

Posted by annika, Mar. 18, 2004 |
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When I was in college, there was an African-American girl who found n-word epithets on her dormroom door and complained she was the victim of a hate crime. She got loads of sympathy from professors, students, and the campus police until it finally came out that she'd done it to herself. How can you take real threats seriously when you have to wonder if the looney has done it to himself?

Posted by: Sarah on Mar. 19, 2004

This is all about getting attention, and rationalizing this prof's job, among other things.

Her mantra appears to be instead of "publish or perish," it's about self-preservation and fabrication, even it means destroying HER OWN PROPERTY to support her assertions.

If one resorts to this method to raise consciousness, then it speaks volumes about a very sick mindset.

Must have a great car insurance policy, yes?

Posted by: joe on Mar. 19, 2004

Yeah, all that property damage just to try to make a point. She should have just drawn a backwards swastika on her forehead in the mirror and claimed skinheads did it, like Morton Downey, Jr.

Posted by: Jim Treacher on Mar. 19, 2004

Hold on a minute here, Annie, I heard yesterday on the news that she categorically denies doing it herself and was willing to be examined on the issue. The fact that a couple of students claim they saw her doing it does not convict her.

If she did it, I'm with you, but somehow I still live here in America where you are innocent until proven guilty, and a couole of kids are not necessarily the proof I'd require.

Posted by: shelly s. on Mar. 19, 2004

Check out the MP3 of Dunn's speech at the rally. And the AP photos.

Posted by: Jim Treacher on Mar. 19, 2004

I got accepted to CMC out of high school. Too expensive to go. UofAz gave me a scholarship and was less PC as well...

Posted by: Scof on Mar. 19, 2004

99% of academia sucks big fat fucking cock! How I survived my multiple degrees with even a shred of (debatable) sanity is beyond me.

"Hate Crimes" are horseshit. Almost all things like this turn out to be a hoax because the dregs know it will get alot of attention from the professionally aggrieved. Another attempt at mind control by the power mad leftists ably assisted by their army of useful idiots.

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Mar. 19, 2004


How many eye witnesses does it take to convince you? They weren't "just kids," they were college students and thus probably at least 18 to their early 20s.

Posted by: Mike on Mar. 19, 2004

Annika, crime is crime is crime is crime. So called "hate crimes" are horse shit to begin with. Let's get really, really honest here. All "hate crime" legislation is directed toward punishing "white" people.

Hope I don't sound off my rocker here, but there are all sorts of criminals and just because they commit a crime against someone of an opposite race doesn't make it a "hate crime." And if they call them a naughty name(s) ("N-word" "WOP" "Kike" "Greaser" "Beaner" "Cracker") well, they should get over it. They're just names and some idiot is throwing them out there to offend the other idiots that are dumb enough to be offended.

There are blacks that hate Asians and sometimes they beat the shit out of them. They should be caught and convicted of assault. Same if a white person beats the hell out of a black person or an Asian - whatever.

Legislating "hate crimes" will get as out of control as "affirmative action," which is another pointless exercise in bleeding heart, we can save the world's feelings, liberalism.

As far as this professor goes, I agree with Radical Redneck on this one. Most professors suck. I generally read and learn on my own and I'm fortunate enough to have a good family that works hard and when it comes to passing classes I just tell the professors what they want to hear to get passing grades and generally keep my mouth shut in class.

You can't reason with the unreasonable. I intend to get my degree and get a job that suits me and live my life as I see fit. Thanks.

Jason H.
Austin, Texas

Jason H.
Austin, Texas

Posted by: Jason H. on Mar. 19, 2004

and as far as the hate crimes thing, i just got a pet peeve when folks use that terminology. so this is my missive about hate crimes, thanks to annika for giving me the space to do this.

you shouldn't make motive a crime. the crime in a skinhead beating up a gay dude is the beating, not that fact that we don't like that he is skinhead who hates gays. hate is part of human nature. hate is not illegal. hate sucks, nobody wants to be hated, but hate is not illegal. we will always have it, regardless if some law tacks on an extra 10 years for beating a man because you hate him. and some might say well it couldn't hurt to stiffen the penalty, but it very well could:

(1) the law itself serves no purpose. thousands of years of multiple religions preaching love and peace and we still have hate. hate crimes law will not change that. human nature is what it is.

(2) the practice of stiffening the penalty/adding more laws just because it might work is the exact opposite of the prudence & caution we should expect from our lawmakers.

(3) do we really want Ted Kennedy helping to decide what constitutes hate and what doesn't?

Or do we want to leave this to the courts, so some judge, educated by people like Prof. Kerri Dunn at CMS, can decree what ideas about hate we need to hold in our heads?

Or perhaps worse yet a jury -- the same mouth-breathing fools who award old ladies millions of dollars for spilling hot coffee on themselves? Juries have a hard enough time deciphering facts (i.e. - did this man beat that man?), do we really want these folks getting paid 5 bucks a day to chase down something as ephemeral as the nature of hate?

Cal Coolidge said real reform does not begin with the law but ends with it. Preventing skinheads from beating jews/gays/etc., indeed preventing them from choosing to be a skinhead at all, is not something hate crimes legislation will help with. It will just cause more problems than it is worth because the law should be very very very cautious in dealing with the area of what men hold in their heads.

Posted by: Scof on Mar. 19, 2004

Sorry Mike, to me they are college kids. Perhaps they are telling the truth, and it is she who has commited a heinous crime. But I used to be a Judge and I have seen lots of people try to lie, and others corroborate their lies.

But courts of law have a way of bringing out the truth, especially under quality cross-examination. I prefer to withhold judgment until I see that happen.

So my earlier comment stands, this is America, and people are innocent until proven guilty. So, the jury is still out with me, but I can't condemn this lady, who denies the charge, without hearing more.

Posted by: shelly s. on Mar. 19, 2004

According to the President of CMC, "A hate crime such as this one is the greatest imaginable affront to everything that we stand for at CMC."

Geez. Really? Smashed windows and slashed tires are the worst thing she can imagine? Pathetic. But typical. Forget for the moment that this whole incident was probably staged by the professor herself. The Left's moral compass is broken: They frequently can't distinguish big evils from little evils, and in some cases they can't distinguish good from evil at all.

Posted by: Matt Rustler on Mar. 20, 2004

"Professor" Dunn is yet another example of how utterly desperate liberals are to impose their views on the rest of the planet. If there is any justice, she should be fired and serve jail time.

Dumb ass.

Posted by: Mark on Mar. 20, 2004

From the LA Times, Sunday, March 21, 2004:

Dunn could not be reached for comment Saturday. In anticipation of Saturday's announcement, her attorney, Gary Lincenberg, on Friday said: "Hopefully, putting professor Dunn on paid leave will give the authorities time to find the criminals who vandalized her car. We don't object to her being put on paid leave. We think that, given the highly charged atmosphere that has been created, it's appropriate."

"Professor Dunn has … continued to deny any involvement in the alleged crime, and we should all respect her constitutional rights to due process, including the presumption of innocence," Pamela Gann, the president of Claremont McKenna College, said in a prepared statement released Saturday

Posted by: Shelly S. on Mar. 21, 2004

Shelly, I agree completely. I am a student at CMC, and I've had Professor Dunn. If she committed this deception, I will certainly feel angry and betrayed. I am, however, able to realize that there is an "if". Especially in a country where an individual is presumed innocent until proven guilty, I am appalled that there are so many people ready to burn her on the stake for being accused of this crime. None of us have the evidence and information to make that decision. If the case goes to trial, and she is found guilty, then I won't say anything about the comments being made, but she has a constitutional right to a trial and a chance to tell her side of the story. Shelly, thanks for showing me that not everyone is raring to join a bloodthirsty mob in search of vengeance.

Posted by: CMCstudent on Mar. 24, 2004

Waaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaa! Holy mary mother of god, this moron smashes up her own car, but she didnt! She did! Of course she did! She ought to get it right in the neck the trashbitch!!

Posted by: NOT A WHINEASS! on Jul. 19, 2005