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March 07, 2004

Swedish Uranium Missing?

News from the Norwegian site, Aftenposten:

Large amounts of uranium may have gone missing from a nuclear technology company in Sweden. The American Central Intelligence Agency fears a worst-case scenario where the material has already fallen into terrorist hands . . . .
Scary indeed. How can anyone be certain that this is not the only nuclear facility in the world that has lax security?
Swedish authorities raided Ranstad Mineral several times and shut the company down on the grounds of deficient security.
It gets worse:
[A] CIA operative claims to know that the little Swedish company has educated Syrian nuclear physicists in the treatment of uranium. He also has information that a Swedish consultancy has sold nuclear equipment to Syria that can be used in the treatment of radioactive material.
This is the type of thing that, to me, makes the whole "where are the WMDs?" discussion irrelevant. Say there weren't any WMDs, and there wasn't any war. Then the inspectors go in, verify that Iraq's clean, and then Saddam kicks them out. What then would have stopped him from buying all he wanted on the blackmarket? He wouldn't need to call North Korea, apparently there's a couple of tall blonde guys selling the shit out of the back of their Volvo!

Link spotted on Scandinavia's Cross.

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Everybody has WMD now except Iraq. No one seems to care anymore.

Posted by: d-rod on Mar. 9, 2004

This piece of news was reported by the tabloid Expressen. That paper has the same kind of credibility as The Sun.

Don't get to scared just yet.

Posted by: Swede on Feb. 18, 2005