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February 24, 2004

Dinner Guests From Hell

John at Right Wing News just posted his latest poll: Right-Of-Center Bloggers Select The Dinner Guests From Hell.

[S]elections had to be currently living people from anywhere in the world that they'd really dislike having to sit down with for a long 1 on 1 conversation over dinner. Furthermore, no dictators, terrorists, serial killers, or mass murderers could be selected.
As is my habit, here's John's final list with my comments:

1) Michael Moore (41 [votes]) Easy choice. A blowhard and a liar.

2) Hillary Clinton (25) Also easy. She's so full of herself. i'd imagine her talking and talking, but never listening.

3) Al Franken (19) i wouldn't mind having dinner with him. i don't think he takes himself as seriously as we on the right take him. And, he is a comedian, after all.

3) Barbra Streisand (19) Loud, smug, shrill, unrepentant egomaniac. She made my list.

5) Jacques Chirac (18) He'd probably put the make on me.

6) Al Gore (17) He did not make my list. i dunno. He seems like a bore, but he was vice president for eight years. i'd love to pick his brain about that.

7) Noam Chomsky (16) i would do physical violence to him with whatever eating utensil was handiest.

8) Ted Kennedy (15) i'd totally have dinner with him. No food, just booze. i'd get my own ride home, though.

9) Howard Dean (11) Party dude. Yeeeeaaaah!

9) Jesse Jackson (11) No. He might also make a pass, from what i hear about him.

11) Jimmy Carter (10) Again, former president, of course i'd like to meet him. Supposedly a very nice guy, even if he was worse than shitty as a president.

11) John Kerry (10) Dull, self-important prig. Not well liked apparently. i forgot to put him on my list, but he belongs there.

11) Ted Rall (10) You know, i'm only vaguely aware of who he is. Radical Redneck keeps sending me pictures of him. i guess he's some sort of liberal.

14) Terry McAuliffe (9) Liar. Like Ted Rall, he didn't make my list only because i generally ignore him.

14) Ralph Nader (9) He wasn't on my list, but i wouldn't have dinner with him. He's weird looking.

14) Sean Penn (9) Number 4 on my list.

17) Robert Fisk (8) See my notes on Noam Chomski, supra.

17) Janeane Garofalo (8) See my notes on Noam Chomski, supra.

17) Michael Jackson (8) He was on my list. He's too scary. i'd keep looking at his fake nose, and i wouldn't be able to enjoy my dinner.

20) Alec Baldwin (7) i would throw rocks at him.

20) Paul Krugman (7) Blah blah blah. He didn't make my list.

20) Al Sharpton (7) Al's great. i'd definitely have dinner with him. That would be a lot of fun.

Other names on my list that didn't make it on John's were: Margret Cho, Tim Robins, Rosanne Barr, Dan Rathre, Bill Marr, Erik Roberts and George Cloonie.

Rosy O'Donell and Dan Rathre were honorable mentions on John's list. i can't believe Bill Marr didn't make it over there. Forget his politics, he's simply the most unfunny comedian i've ever heard.

Number one on my list: Rosy O'Donell. She literally makes me nauseous. Not a good thing when your eating dinner.

Posted by annika, Feb. 24, 2004 |
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No Bill Clinton...I find that curious.

Posted by: Victor on Feb. 24, 2004

Victor - since she already has Hillary, why bother with Bill..unless you just like to see her move his lips?

But what's up with Al Sharpton? Really Annika , he's a self serving, Jesse Jackson wanna be , with a paper thin platform ('more for my people, less for yours').

Plus I don't think Al would add too much to the conversation with all that free food sitting around!

Posted by: jim on Feb. 24, 2004

Supposedly Al Franken isn't that bad. He did a USO tour with a country musician (whose name I don't recall), but nonetheless shared radically different political views than Mr. Franken. Mr. Franken, it seems, took the high road overseas and didn't spend any time with tearing down the President et al. (unless, of course, you count 'President' Hussein).

The pro-liberation musician, at the end of the tour, expressed his opinion that Franken was a class act, even if they didn't agree substantially.

Posted by: Bravo Romeo Delta on Feb. 24, 2004

I think you're greatly underestimating the number of guys that would make a move on you if given the chance. If you exclude them from dinner for that, you'll never have dinner with another male again. I saw your picture.. Given a chance and a dinner invite, I'm sorry, but a lot of us would roll the dice. :)

Posted by: Rob on Feb. 24, 2004

Oh Rob. You're definitely in the running for next week's HCOTW®!

Posted by: annika! on Feb. 24, 2004

Kennedy dinner date: No Problemo...inflatable boots...that, or a tiny James Bond air tank. (think Thunderball in the shark pool) Sharpton would be great dinner conversation...the one upside to a Sharpton Presidency would be Cedric the Entertainer as Press Secretary...they would move WH press briefings to prime time.

In seriousness, we forgot Maureen Dowd...actually, how about the dinner table insecurity black hole if you combined MoDo and Tina Brown?

Posted by: Prince Lichnowsky on Feb. 24, 2004

"Cartoonist" Ted Rall in his muse. This will get Coyote's 1" standing straight up!



Posted by: Radical Redneck on Feb. 25, 2004

I think I'd have to call it a tie between Rosie and Nutpig Moore.

Posted by: d-rod on Feb. 27, 2004

Per Ted Rall: All you need to do is read this to see what kind of man Rall is.


Posted by: Sarah on Feb. 28, 2004

Okay, i read about one paragraph of that filth and clicked it off. i would love to have dinner with that asshole, just so i could stick a fork in his eye. Then i'd laugh at him while he cried.

Posted by: annika! on Feb. 28, 2004


Thanks for reinforcing my disgust for walking feces bitch boy Rall. Go to the site I put above and you will find the source of that scumbag's motivation.

Annika, still don't believe that's a real picture?

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Feb. 29, 2004