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February 12, 2004

Crappy Microsoft

i heard on the news that Microsoft has a new patch that will cure some sort of security flaw in the computer that might allow someone to access and take control of my computer! They said it was critical to update with the patch and that it should be done immediately.

That sounded pretty scary and the fact that they were so vague about the vulnerability made me think that there were bad people out there actively looking for foolish computer users who hadn't downloaded the patch "immediately."

So i went to the Microsoft site and downloaded the thing. It went okay, but they didn't warn me that it would take all fucking night to load! i asked my dad the other day when he thought computers might be perfected and he said "when there's no more Microsoft."

Posted by annika, Feb. 12, 2004 |


Multiply that by the 500 computers in a mid sized company and multiply that by the number of mid sized companies and it begins to give you an appreciation of the economic impact of this - before and geek a$$hole writes a virus to exploit the problem.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin on Feb. 12, 2004


easy cure..

get a mac!

i've been using macs for years and i don't seem to have these same issues everyone else moans about.


it's a snowy day here in new mexico, so i'm heading to santa fe!



Posted by: coyote on Feb. 12, 2004

Heh. I downloaded the freakin' thing last night too. Death to Microsoft!

Posted by: d-rod on Feb. 12, 2004

actually, I think it's death to those that don't do the download.

-down load completed 2/11

Posted by: jim on Feb. 12, 2004

If you want security, use a Mac. FBI agent says Macs used at headquarters
If you need to use a Windows program, get Virtual PC.

Posted by: Steve S. on Feb. 12, 2004

i should mention that my dad may be biased since he does a lot of anti-trust work.

Posted by: annika! on Feb. 12, 2004

I should admit to my bias too. I work on one of 15 MACS in an all PC company. I never see the IT guys.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin on Feb. 12, 2004

i am not at liberty to say just how much headache this patch caused me at work

Posted by: Scof on Feb. 12, 2004