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February 01, 2004

Did You Ever Doubt Me?

New England 32, Carolina 29. The Pats win by one field goal. i said they'd win by two. The Pats didn't cover the spread. i said they wouldn't. i told you to take the Panthers plus 7 points. i hope you did. Did you take the over? i should have told you about that too.

i am awesome!

It was actually a pretty good game, too. Good defensive play in the first half, big offensive plays in the second. i was cheering for both offenses in the fourth quarter, because i wanted my predictions to come true. My friends were looking at me funny.

When New England made that 2 point conversion, i thought i would have a push, but then Carolina tied it up and i knew i was golden. Didn't i point out that Vinatieri was going to be key? Yes, i did.

i am so awesome!

P.S. i missed the whole halftime tittie fest, since i was out on a beer run. i can't stand Janet anyway and Justin bugs me. Apparently, Zomby wasn't impressed. And Shae's blog has good coverage of the er, uncoverage.

i did catch the National Anthem and was gratified to see Beyonce sing it with grace and dignity, unlike her ass-shaking spectacular from last Fourth of July in front of General Grant's tomb.

Link thanks to Michele.

Posted by annika, Feb. 1, 2004 |
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I think Yahoo may have it wrong; that move looked deliberate to me, and I thought (although the camera was pretty far back) that she had her nipple covered with latex or something.

Posted by: Matt Rustler on Feb. 1, 2004

I am finished with my rant, so I thought I'd check out what you had to say about the halftime show.

The Houston paper has a pic that shows that she was wearing a flesh colored cloth over her mammary projectile. The CBS Sportline poll asking which moment is the most memorable called what happened a "wardrobe malfunction." Uh, yeah. How can something planned be a malfunction? I know so many kids who were watching that show. I am so disgusted. I thought Janet had more class than that.

She had said that she was going to have a special surpise guest at the show and I guess the surprise guest was her "exposed" breast.

Does Michael Jackson need his sibling to expose herself in front of millions of people right now? Is that helping his case?

Okay. I'm finished... I have to calm down and get to bed. I have to work tomorrow and a job interview Tuesday (yay!).

You didn't miss ANYTHING during the halftime show.

Posted by: Shae on Feb. 1, 2004

Surprise, surprise, surprise... CBS says they knew nothing about the incident and Justin says it was an unfortunate accident. I looked at the picture again and really couldn't tell if anything besides her hand was covering herself, but still... I am interested in knowing, if it was a wardrobe malfunction, what WAS supposed to happen when he reached over there? How is it that he grabbed and pulled the fabric so hard that it ripped off -- and it was an accident?

Hmm... I'm sure this will get more interesting over the next few days... and look for a skit on Saturday Night Live soon.

Posted by: Shae on Feb. 1, 2004

I'm following Annika for all my football betting needs next year. Do you do NHL, too?

As for "wardrobe malfunction", I call bullshit. That was planned, she had the tassle on, and it was simply meant to be controversial. I've already said my piece on my overall feeling on the subject, but to lie about it afterward is just pathetic.

Heh. Not that I have an opinion on the subject...

Posted by: zombyboy on Feb. 1, 2004

Yes, yes, the Jacksons are all freaks. I question how any of those poseurs ended up on stage in the first place. Now Toby Keith would have given us a powerful and emotional halftime instead of banality.

As for the game... One rarely sees such pathetic officiating in the NFL. The fix was in. If you don't believe me, TIVO back to the last NE TD, and watch the receiver as he comes off the line, grabs the DB and shoves him to the ground before running 25 yards down the field to make the catch. Pathetic.

Posted by: Casca on Feb. 1, 2004

Ha ha Shae. "Mammary projectile" is a good one.

Zomby, i know about as much about hockey as i know about football. :)

Casca, if Toby Keith had been doing the halftime show, i might have stuck around for it.

Posted by: annika! on Feb. 1, 2004

This sort of thing is becoming more common for has-been stars. first the Britteny Madonna kiss now this. Their overwhelming lack of talent is not keeping them in the spotlight so they have to do something.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin on Feb. 2, 2004

hell. i didn't even know they were still playing football this time of year.

who was playing anyway?




Posted by: coyote on Feb. 2, 2004

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