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January 30, 2004

Those Who Know

i just read that Ginger has taken the big step and told her bf about Candied Ginger.

There are trade-offs to letting people from the real world in on your blog. When i first started, i wanted to keep the whole thing a secret from everybody. i guess the theory was that i could write about my family, coworkers and friends openly, disclosing all their dirty little secrets and maybe feel better in the process. Also, if i wanted to do a post about mstbtn, i could do so without embarrassing myself too much.

As things evolved, i ended up not disclosing too many dirty secrets and to date i have yet to write anything about mstbtn (unless you count that one poem). In the meantime the secret squeaked out a bit. Now my close friends Betty, Franci, Lori and Steve all know about the blog. Franci has guest hosted and Lori comments every now and then. And i finally told my writer friend Danny from NY, from whom i kept it a secret when i visited him last summer.

My boyfriend does not know, and i don't plan to tell him. At least not unless we reach a much more serious stage than we're at now. As for my family, so far no one knows, which is the way i want it. i get so much material from my brother's shenanigans that i would hate to have to censor stories about him. My coworkers either don't know, or they have all secretly been reading for some time, due to the IS people monitoring my computer. i guess i won't find out until the day i'm reprimanded.

Posted by annika, Jan. 30, 2004 |
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Always assume that everybody knows about the blog. Unless you go through extensive lengths to keep identifying info out, the people you know are going to recognize you if they happen across it.

Posted by: Jim on Jan. 30, 2004

There's definitely a downside to family and friends knowing. I let slip the fact, and now Dad is a reader, and he "TSK!"'s at me when I link to stuff like Anna's shenanigans, or if my idioms get a bit too rich in the midst of a rant.

grumble...they never stop being parents at any age...

Posted by: Desert Cat on Jan. 30, 2004

I used my real name when I first set up my blog, largely because I knew that it would be primarily on politics and religion and teaching... but I have often thought of setting up a second, anonymous blog, filled with far darker/dirtier/ stuff. So far, haven't done it.

My girlfriend reads between the lines on my blog very well (she's clever) -- and thus I do recommend waiting a while before introducing your bf to the glories of annikagyrl...

Posted by: Hugo on Jan. 30, 2004

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