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May 16, 2007

Annika's Journal Farewell Tour: Part XI, FAQ About The End Of Annika's Journal

1. c.a. Marks of Alabama Improper asks: "Farewell tour? Wha?" Yes, Farewell Tour is what I'm calling this series of posts, which are intended to tie up the loose ends of blogging before I quit. Also blogging about blogging is as easy as pie.

2. Beth of My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy asks: "So why are you quitting, dammit?!!!" The short answer is that I need to take two months off to study for the bar exam. The long answer is that I've been thinking about quitting for some time now and this two month break seems like the best time to do it. I suspect that living life without constantly judging every waking thought as blogworthy/unblogworthy might be incredibly refreshing for me. Also I haven't been really proud of anything I've written here since the Pepys post, and even that was derivative. Finally, I might quote Woody Allen, who said "A relationship, I think, is like a shark. . . . It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark." Blogs are not dissimilar.

3. Maximum Leader of Naked Villainy asks: "So after six months of inactivity I should de-link Annika's Journal? Is that what you are saying?" No one must ever de-link Annika's Journal lest bad karma erupt. See my related post here. Regarding the supernatural power of this blog, see also here and here.

4. Why don't you just take a temporary leave of absence. You won't be able to stay away permanently. On the contrary, I have committed to quitting Annika's Journal, which I think has achieved all I set out for it, and more.

5. So does that mean you will blog again someday, just not at this place? The plan is that after the California Bar Exam (on July 24, 25 and 26) I might occasionally post at the two other blogs where I have privileges, which are Six Meat Buffet, and A Western Heart.

6. What will happen to Peter Pumpkin The Spectacular Pumpkin? Preston has agreed, quite recklessly, to give Peter Pumpkin a new home at 6MB.

7. Why won't you blog about the Bar Exam experience? I know of some excellent bar exam bloggers, who have passed. I also know my own limitations. The California Bar is the hardest one in the country, so I plan to follow a strict study schedule. Most people take one review course, but I've signed up for three. I don't want to have any excuses for not passing. The cost of failing is enormous. I already spend countless hours each week blogging, and so I know the only way to avoid the distraction is to quit cold-turkey.

8. Ed asks: "Can you dedicate your last days by writing a LOT about the democrats running for POTUS?" I would, but the Republicans running are so much more interesting right now.

9. Radical Redneck wonders why I didn't call one of his e-mails my favorite. The answer is that most of the time I was too afraid to open his e-mails.

10. ElMondoHummus asks "Where are the Lindsay fans gonna post when you're gone?" I would suggest they go here!

11. SkippyStalin is too polite to ask, but I know he's thinking: "Hey what the hell happened to that interview you said you were going to post?" I interviewed SkippyStalin back in August and never posted it. I suck, I know. It was a really fun interview, but long. Maybe I'll at least post the highlights before I go.

12. Publicola asks: "Which Stacy Adams would go best with a retro 1911?" This is not technically an end of the blog question, but I'm happy to answer. I'm not too familiar with Stacy Adams, so I perused the website. If you're talking retro, I'd line the contemporary shoes right out. Now when I think retro guns, I think film noir, and that means snubnosed .38. But Publicola wants to know about which shoe to match with a 1911, so that's a totally different look. After much thought, the answer is obvious. The Madison, in black or cognac, would be perfect for Publicola's needs.

I would be happy to answer any other questions anyone might have in the few days left, just ask.

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How did I miss the Pepy's piece?

Posted by: Casca on May. 16, 2007

Cas, you must remember the use of Pepys memorable phrase "nulla puella negat". Damn, it is part of Everyman's Dream; how could you ever forget it?

Oh, I remember now, you're from Ohio. That explains it all. Go back to the Nazi Bike for something hot and throbbing between your legs.

Posted by: shelly on May. 17, 2007

I warned you, I am going to stalk you.

Posted by: kyle N on May. 17, 2007

I realize that you have partially addressed this request, but could you run an article on how you have grown during this experience? How have your outlook changed (if even only slightly), what wisdom have you accumulated, how the initial purpose of the blog morphed over time, etc.

How are you going to capture this experience to pass on to your children (if indeed having children is your plan)?

Posted by: will on May. 17, 2007

And by change, I don't necessarily mean change in the way Dr. Stockton mentions it at the end of this Twilight Zone episode "The Shelter"...

Posted by: will on May. 17, 2007
How are you going to capture this experience to pass on to your children (if indeed having children is your plan)?

Jeez pill, you're giving her permission to enlarge her Carcon Footprint™? How very white of you.

I leave y'all with a clip from a recent fine feature celebrating Americana. This sublime dialogue ALWAYS brings tears to my eyes.

Posted by: Radical Redneck on May. 17, 2007

The one thing I'll never forget about this blog is that the "remember personal info?" radio buttons in the comments section have never worked for me, no matter how often I clicked "Yes." See why I never joined MuNu?

On a more serious note: GOOD LUCK, A! And happy trails. Or should that be "Happy trials"?


Posted by: Kevin Kim on May. 17, 2007


This has been great fun and I am indebted to you for your kind nature and (mostly) open mind, good humor and excellent taste in shoes. I am sure you will pass the bar exam on try one. No sweat and will eventually go on to a sucessful practice in environmental law doing lots of pro bono work protecting wetlands from developers, promoting green projects and holding the feet of corrupt politicians to the fire.

I would like a referal though; if you could direct me to where I might take my bucket of fish now that this and I mean this with only love affection, sea lion pool is closing down I will need a new venue for tossing the herring.

I would like to encounter the rare bird like you: a renaissance RWinger: Poetry, history, pop culture, politics, the type that I am sure will be saved before she is 30 and will marry a blond haired Danish fellow who spent part of his youth with red streaks in his hair protesting at G-8 meetings. You seem to know who you are and where you want to be and are open to modification of both.

I wish you peace and love, success with satisfaction.

Thanks for the ride.

Posted by: Strawman on May. 17, 2007

Thanks for the heads up on AWH, Annie. Currently, there is an interesting post illustrating (yet again) how global warming "science" is really about politics and propoganda and how any disagreement with The Church of GW will be met with a visit by the Inquisition. They are determined to get their "concensus" one way or another.


Posted by: blu on May. 17, 2007


It’s funny how you justified the gag order on _(whats his name)__ at the Columbia Lamont Dougherty facility on the basis that NOAA, being a govt. org, must speak with one voice and that some leftwing naysayer should not talk off the cuff to reporters putting forth his ideas when they are contrary to the org's.

The shoe is on the other foot, eh, fella?

I have no idea about the veracity of either position in the Cascades, but your hypocrisy is crystal clear.

You support an administration that has made Science a dirty word and has continually disregarded the advice of those on the line. I don’t have to tell a newshound like you how many times political hacks have been caught changing the language in scientific reports so that they align with the govt’s position.

Posted by: Strawman on May. 17, 2007

I never justified a gag order. I dare you to find my comment. You are just making shit up, hoping to catch me in an inconsistency. Whatever.

In terms of supporting "those on the line," it's obvious to me you've never worked in govt nor do you understand the nature of bureaucracies, which are chalk full of lefties that have nothing to do with the ruling party and who try their best to undermine conservative administrations.

Posted by: blu on May. 17, 2007


If you do all that Shitstain says, remember; those of us on the other side representing the evil developers are the ones making the money and driving the hot cars.

Enjoy your KIA.

Posted by: Shelly on May. 17, 2007

Actually, the interview was a lot of fun to do, but probably not that interesting to read. And my views are very likely to enrage a good percentage of your readers. Likely 100%. Except for the Iraq stuff, which has become a pretty common view these days.

Granted, going out in a Blaze of Hatred is exactly what I'd do - Christ, you yourself are probably physically sickened by 3/4 of what I have to say about anything - but most bloggers are happily not me.

Also, the chaos of those two nights are probably a motherf-(goddamn spam filter of yours) er to edit. A seamless edit from butt-sex to Iranian nuclear policy is indeed a Bridge Too Far for most, if not all. If you can do it, you're a better blogger than me. I'd have rather hung myself from a rope of thorns than face that mosterously thankless task.

Shit, I admire your fortitude for just sitting through that many hours of my endless bullshit. You should get the Medal of Honor for that alone.

Spending four or five hours talking to you was enough of a reward for me. You shouldn't feel obligated to post the result thereof. If you don't want to use it, send me the transcript and I'll enrage my own readers with it someday.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say that you are the Mistress of Blogging and I am but a peon at your feet. Ignore that gooey stuff on your shoes until I leave the room and I'll be your servant forever.

Oh, and I really did mean what I said, you do have the greatest ass ever!

Best of luck with the Bar and please accept my sincerest best wishes with whatever path you choose. The pleasure's been all mine, my pretty.

There. That should be long enough to sufficently infuriate Casca....

Posted by: skippystalin on May. 17, 2007


After the Florida Gators put the Ohio State Buckeyes in the toilet on January 8th, noting will ever be able to sufficiently infuriate the man to reach that level.

You'd have to back your hybrid gas saver into his expensive BMW Nazi Motorcycle to even get close.

Posted by: Shelly on May. 17, 2007


You are sounding more paranoid than ever. And you did say he had an obligation not to speak, one administration one voice, even if it is a fabrication. (But WTF cares enough to look it up) Just as the guy in the Cascade debate if we follow your lead. I personally let everybody speak. The free market of ideas will winnow out the truth as it is with the situation in Iraq.

Posted by: Strawman on May. 17, 2007

"And you did say he had an obligation not to speak, one administration one voice, even if it is a fabrication."

Ahhh, no I didn't. And nobody who has read me or knows how I think would believe I'd be one to just blindly follow. Not my MO, big guy. My libertarian leanings wouldn't allow it.

Posted by: blu on May. 17, 2007

"How have your outlook changed (if even only slightly), what wisdom have you accumulated"

It seems like someone wants an "ideological BDA" on how well they subverted Annie's conservative qualities. Personally, I think Will succeeded in his campaign to detach her from the arch-conservatives' sphere of influence. Why, you might ask? I'll tell you.

Will has shown me the way. He has shown me how being independent reduces dichotomies. It makes us free spirits that aren't chained to arch-conservative dogma. That is why I will now officially announce that I am divorcing myself from the arch-conservative movement. I am now a Neo-Liberal. I will have nothing more to do with St. Louis and their stupid monument.

I invite Annika to come join me as we revel in our neo-liberalness. There is nothing that can make me feel freer and independent than being a liberal-in-name-only.

Posted by: reagan80 on May. 18, 2007

-It seems like someone wants an "ideological BDA"

Ray, you are so wrong that I thought you finally got yourself a lobotomy. Actually, Will wants a physical BDA. He demands a Big Dick in his Ass.

You wanna know how to reduce dickotomies? Stay the fuck away from Lorena Bobbitt.

Posted by: Spanky on May. 18, 2007

Two months to study for the bar exam?

This person must be really dumb.

Posted by: "John Galt" on May. 20, 2007

-This person must be really dumb.

No. That's being prudently studious. You would have known that, if your addiction to semen slurping hadn't gotten to your head and marinaded your brain into an inert piece of beef jerky.

Posted by: Spanky on May. 20, 2007