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April 11, 2007

My First And Only Duke Lacrosse Related Post

Now that the Duke Lacrosse thing is over, I think it's an appropriate time to review what did not happen in Durham. So here's Mary Katharine Ham to remind us, in a video she did way back in December.

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Everything you need to know about the Left was sadly and pathetically on display during this episode.

I can't even imagine what these young men have gone through. I hope and pray that the DA and the "victim" have to give up every last cent they have in restitution. Moreover, the school and city owe these boys big. Let's hope the lawsuits are huge and the dollars floweth.

Posted by: blu on Apr. 11, 2007

Love this!!!!

I'm gonna post copy!

Posted by: jcrue on Apr. 11, 2007

That was simply, succinctly, and presciently, brilliant!

Posted by: Aviator Otto on Apr. 11, 2007

TSG/Drudge have her pic, and previous arrest report posted. LOL, what a loon. Even funnier, they're not going to indict her because she's nucking futz. Chicks get away with everything.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 11, 2007

Great video. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by: Mark on Apr. 12, 2007

"On Wednesday, defense sources told CNN the defense plans to pursue lawsuits against Nifong."

(Source: CNN.com)


Posted by: ElMondoHummus on Apr. 12, 2007

Nice cool post in the face of all the storm and posturing. I suppose it's impolite to wonder if 'first and last post' suggests a certain reluctance to get too much on the bandwagon of 'false accusations.'

Posted by: Michael on Apr. 12, 2007

No, I'm totally on board the false accusations bandwagon. I just never posted before because it was an ongoing investigation, and truthfully I wasn't all that interested. I don't plan to post again about it because it's pretty much over, and besides, I won't be here in 38 days.

Posted by: annika on Apr. 12, 2007

Where are you going in 38 days?

Posted by: Mark on Apr. 13, 2007

I am retiring from full time blogging, to become a lawyer.

Posted by: annika on Apr. 13, 2007

Moving from one low calling to another. You'll probably be on the ballot in '08.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 14, 2007

Heh, thanks for the answer! That's the convent where you may not have your own blog though, different profession. I link to 2 lawyer blogs Volokh conspiracy and the Becker Posner Blog.

Posted by: michael on Apr. 14, 2007


You can do both you know.

Posted by: Mark on Apr. 16, 2007

At least Annika has given us a couple months notice before shutting down the place. My favorite Mil-blogger, Odysseus, just went "cold turkey" on blogging without telling us why. I don't know if he's back in Iraq, just spending time with his kid, or demoralized.

Posted by: reagan80 on Apr. 16, 2007

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Love your blog by the way. You should check ours out... lots of the same views and we're all vets.

Posted by: TheSniper on Apr. 17, 2007

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