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March 08, 2007

Irony On Top Of Irony On Top Of Irony

A USC free speech group was fined by the university for posting flyers outside USC's free speech zone, which say "This is not a free speech zone."

Story at LAist.

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Too many universities restrict speech that would otherwise be permissible elsewhere. This is akin to a hospital rejecting patients for being too sick. How ironic that the self-appointed saviors who run our universities have the audacity to believe that others are "intolerant."

Posted by: Mark on Mar. 8, 2007

This shouldn't surprise anybody. Those who have spent 4+ years at an American university understand through experience the Orwellian nature of the environment. As one the last bastions of communism, the university embodies the intolerance, elitism, and stifling of independent thought that typifies all communist regimes. It is hardly surprising that those who choose to spend their careers in this environment tend to embrace the same ideology?

Posted by: blu on Mar. 8, 2007

That last sentence wasn't supposed to be a question. Apologies.

Posted by: blu on Mar. 8, 2007

I am lying!

Posted by: The Law Fairy on Mar. 8, 2007

Blu is right. David Horowitz does excellent work trying to protect the rights of college students who have run into trouble for their conservative views. His books, especially 'Radical Son' are must reads for those intrigued with the left to right transformation.

Posted by: Mike C. on Mar. 8, 2007


"last bastions of communism" Your are such a card. How does you mouth not turn to stone and crack when you say such retarded things? I am no fan of Collegiate PC rules and the belief that being born entitles you not to be offended, but to make your equation about communism is so nuts I am left speechless in all zones.

Posted by: strawman on Mar. 9, 2007

"I am left speechless"

Answered prayer to many!

Posted by: blu on Mar. 9, 2007