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November 29, 2006

A Hero You Should Know

On October 16, 2006, Army CW3 Lori Hill became the latest female pilot decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross (the first was none other than Amelia Earhart).

Back in March in Iraq, Chief Warrant Officer 3 Lori Hill, with the 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment, was piloting her Kiowa Warrior when the lead chopper came under heavy fire. She drew the fire away, simultaneously providing suppressive fire for the troops engaged with the enemy on the ground.

A rocket-propelled grenade hit her, damaging the helo’s instrumentation, but instead of focusing on her predicament, she established communication with the ground forces and continued to provide them with aerial weapon support until the soldiers reached safety.

As she turned her attention to the aircraft, which was losing hydraulic power, the helo took on machine-gun fire, a round crashing into one of Hill’s ankles. Still, with a damaged aircraft and an injury, she landed at Forward Operating Base Normandy, saving her crew and aircraft.

For her actions she was presented the Distinguished Flying Cross by Vice President Richard Cheney at Fort Campbell, Ky., on Oct. 16.

[It] was a once-in-a-lifetime thing to get the award and then have the vice president come and award it to you,” she said. “It’s just incredible for any soldier.”

Recalling that day in March, Hill reflected, “I was actually just glad I didn’t pass out and very happy I was able to help the ground guys out, and get our helicopter down safely on the ground.”

You won't see Chief Hill's face while your waiting in the grocery checkout line, and Lori Hill may not be a household name, but it should be.

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Look at her. She's a warrior.

Posted by: gcotharn on Nov. 30, 2006

As a very small plane pilot who has occasionally struggled with something as mundane as the crosswind landing, I'm constantly amazed by these folks in the military, their bravado and skill. Hats off to Chief Hill.

Posted by: Mike C. on Nov. 30, 2006

Color me impressed. I hadd a rollicking debater going at my site about whether women belonged in combat or not.

I say, absolutely!

I know I'd want this woman in combat when the chips were down!

Posted by: Mark on Nov. 30, 2006

That's rollicking DEBATE.

Posted by: Mark on Nov. 30, 2006

I booked driving lessons for my daughter today. I asked for a female instructor. The owner told me he seldom has female instructors who last longer than two years because "you have to have nerves of steel." Obviously, having control over nerves isn't a problem for Lori Hill.

Posted by: Joules on Nov. 30, 2006

Please join the Wednesday Hero blogroll at my blog. Stories like this need to be shared!

Posted by: Greta on Dec. 1, 2006

Gee, I wonder, given the craven nature of those who run our armed services publicity department and their desperation for any good story to counter the sorry state of affairs in Iraq, if this gal will turn out to be another hero on the order of Jessica Lynch?

Posted by: Strawman on Dec. 1, 2006