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November 15, 2006

Petula Clark Fest: Sign Of The Times

Fans of British roadsters, goofy choreography, 60's mod fashion, and lip-synching will love this one.

The dancing is like a characature of an Austin Powers number. But I have an even more outlandishly choreographed YouTube clip in the queue, stay tuned.

I love 60's fashion. It reminds me of that movie Blow Up. Did you ever see it? I saw it a few months ago on TCM. It's a wild movie about a British fashion photographer in the 60's. I can't even imagine what it must have been like to be young and hip in the early 60's. There was this veneer of innocence and exhuberance, yet under the surface was all this shit that exploded later on in the decade. Sign of the times.

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I am sooo digging the cars.

Posted by: Victor on Nov. 15, 2006

The 60's mod clothes I'm iffy about, but I think it is their mutation in the 70's that is responsible for the ugliness of that decade. There is not an uglier decade than the 70's. Everything is brown and yellow and green with wide ties with wider stripes and stupid ass turtlenecks and nylon pants and big ass collars and shit, only thing good about the decade was the Streets of San Francisco...

Posted by: Scof on Nov. 15, 2006

And Joe Don Baker movies! Scof, how can you forget JOE DON BAKER MOVIES!?!?!?

Posted by: Victor on Nov. 15, 2006

Check out the guy under the car! His choreography is cracking me up - you can't even see his head.

Posted by: red on Nov. 15, 2006


Did you notice the photographer was a young David Hemmings who went on to really big things as Robert Vaughn's partner on the "The Man From Uncle"? Vaughn is currently in a very enjoyable series on BBC America called "Hustle".

Posted by: Strawman on Nov. 15, 2006

I didn't realize that. Although I've never seen the Man from UNCLE. Blow Up is one of those movies that when it's over you think "what just happened?" and then you're forced to re-think what it was all about. Because it's not about a murder, which is what you think its about while youre watching. It's actually a really sophisticated commentary on that particular society. Plus Vanessa Redgrave is fantastic in it.

Posted by: annika on Nov. 15, 2006

I forgot about ol' Joe Don! its probably because I'm still bitter over not winning the haiku contest, mine was the best. damn't.

Posted by: Scof on Nov. 15, 2006

Robert Vaughn's partner on "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." was David McCallum, not David Hemmings.

BTW, "Blow-Up" was remade as "Blow Out" in 1981, starring John Travolta as a sound engineer who stumbles upon a murder.

Posted by: Your Protagonist on Nov. 17, 2006